A Good History Lesson: Introducing South’s New Women’s History Course

By Betsy Tanenbaum For the first time in South’s history, a women’s history class has been added to the social studies curriculum. This new class, titled Women’s History, is offered to seniors as a half-year elective to fulfill their social studies credit. Ms. Lynda Good, the Social Studies Department Chair, wrote the course proposal with[…]

My Roses Are Red So You Won’t Be Blue

By Maxwell Nettler It’s that time of year again, Great Neck South. Valentine’s Day is upon us, and this year it’s looking like the devastation, anguish, and heartbreak will reach unparalleled levels. With the second year of Great Neck’s Valentine’s Day Carnation Initiative, one can only expect the infamous red flowers to make their way[…]

Joining Clubs For Passion Should Not Be Out Of Fashion

By David West At the beginning of every school year, the gym is engulfed during the Club Fair by clubs armed with sign-up lists attacking naïve underclassmen. Underclassmen are joining clubs like DECA, HOSA, Robotics, and Model Congress in growing numbers. If you’re truly interested in a certain activity, joining a club is a great[…]

You Are Worth More Than A Number, More Than A Grade

By Michelle Yang Or so people claim. Teachers, parents, fellow students—they’ve all said it to you at some point, maybe patting you sympathetically on the back, offering some encouraging words. But while no student will deny the validity of the statement, no student will really accept it. How can we? Numbers are the scales by[…]

Teachers Turn To Turnitin For Work Evaluation

By Ann Zhang Familiar words: Times New Roman, 12-point font, and double-spacing. Thesis, analysis, citations. Most importantly, research, paper, and season. Many students dread the annual research paper on top of all their other obligations, but students nearly two decades ago survived the research paper process without the aid of fancy tablets and advanced websites.[…]

Changing Performance Style, Fashion Show Sets New Trends

By Celina Sun The crowd roars as the lights dim and curtains open, the noise diminishing just enough to hear the clips of news-broadcasters reporting on Fashion Week as they begin to play. The video hints at this year’s Fashion Show theme before transitioning to music that accompanies the first models down the stage-turned-runway. Wearing[…]