Brooke’s Vantage Point: You Might See “Carleton Watkins: Yosemite” At The Met

By Brooke Ferber Not a big fan of photography, I was somewhat reluctant approaching the “Carleton Watkins: Yosemite” photography exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. My biggest apprehension with photography is the craft’s authenticity, since a myriad of digital enhancement programs are available to artists. Watkins, however, definitely didn’t use Photoshop; he worked during[…]

Dear Diary, This Year Theatre South Will Bring Anne’s Attic To Great Neck Stage

By Michelle Yang This winter, Theatre South will visit Anne Frank in its winter play production, The Diary of Anne Frank by Wendy Kesselman, adapted in 1997 from the original 1955 stage play by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett. Although the play explores a sensitive topic, Mr. Thomas Marr, director of Theatre South, views it[…]

South Bumps, Sets, And Spikes Down MS

 By Jacqueline Liao A cacophony of shouts echoed throughout the gym, overlaid by an irregular beat of thumps from volleyballs either hitting the ground or ricocheting off peoples’ arms.  Spectators filled the bleachers, sometimes dodging the stray volleyball that veered threateningly close to their faces. On the courts, players of all different skill levels played[…]

Acing the Competition: Girls’ Varsity Team Succeeds Through Teamwork

By Haley Raphael and Jacqueline Liao When the girls’ varsity tennis team met up in late August to prepare for the upcoming season, the girls were determined to work hard and make their season as successful as possible. Little did they know, however, that two months later, they would finish their season 13-1 and become[…]

Brooke’s Vantage Point: Waving Down Flag’s Uniqueness

By Brooke Ferber With every Election Day, posters advertising tax breaks, candidates, and patriotism on the fences along the service road of the Long Island Expressway distract drivers. With the great tradition of American politics freshly engraved in my mind, I halt at a painting— “Flag” by Jasper Johns—in our main lobby. The painting makes[…]

Taking A New Look At Classic Books

By Caroline Hong Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen No classics recommendation is complete without some Jane Austen.Is she over-recommended?  Uh, no, because she is just that good.  Even though she wrote her stuff a handful of decades before Dickens, her prose is markedly easier to read.  So if you think you don’t have the[…]