Accomplished Academics—From left to right, Annie Yang and Emily Bae smile after being announced salutatorian and valedictorian respectively. Their strong work ethic and motivation to achieve help them earn their academic success.
Photographed by David West

Don’t Stop ‘til You’re on Top: Bae and Yang Strive for Success as South’s Val and Sal

By Vera Lin Achieving academic success in high school means more than just maintaining a high GPA. As both valedictorian Emily Bae and salutatorian Annie Yang can concur, strong work ethics and determination contribute largely to success. While the two seniors received their respective titles based on their exceptional grades, they both attributed their achievements[…]


Music Night at South High

Photos taken by Emma Lu and Annie Park Captions written by Annie Yang On Feb. 26, 2016, the Music Department hosted its second Music Night of the year, featuring musicians from saxophonists to electric violinists and genres of musics from pop rock to romantic. It may have been a cold winter night, but that didn’t[…]


Cultural Heritage Night 2015-2016

Photos taken by Annie Park Captions written by Annie Yang The night of Dec. 4, 2015 was chilly, but South was a warm, bustling hub, brimming with excitement for Cultural Heritage Night. Cultural Heritage Night, which is overseen by the International Council, was filled with food, music, dance, fun, pride, and memories. Multiple cultural groups,[…]

Cartoon drawn by Melody Yang

Keeping Our Building Safe: New Vaccine Protocol for South High

By Rachel Schneider According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 667 cases of the measles and 1,151 cases of the mumps reported in 2014. While these statistics may seem insignificant to many, all it takes is one unvaccinated person to reintroduce a highly contagious and previously eradicated disease that is entirely[…]