Rose II by Isa Genzken Photo taken by Caroline Hong

Brooke’s Vantage Point: Identifying Inspiration in Seemingly Atypical Places

By Brooke Ferber Several years ago, I saw the film August Rush. Detailing the life of a musical prodigy, the film introduced me to the idea that music exists in all places at all times, simply if one listens. I thoroughly enjoyed that interpretation, began to listen more, and discovered a more musical, exciting world.[…]

Photo by Elizabeth Smith

The Delightful Duo Behind the Front Desk

By Isabella Harnick and Elizabeth Smith As you walk up South’s steps and through the big, blue doors, to your left you will find two smiling faces waiting to greet you. Rushing to the library to finish last night’s homework or cramming for your first period history test, you may just miss those friendly faces,[…]

Tangoing to the Top: Senior Anna Kaczmarski Ballroom Dances Her Way to Success at Worldwide Competitions

By Samantha Greben With determination and ambition in her eyes, senior Anna Kaczmarski leaped onto the ballroom dance floor at the World Dance Council’s World Championships in Paris, France in November 2015. Pulse racing and adrenaline rushing, she could barely hear the emcee’s announcement of her name above the crowd’s applause. This was it, when[…]


Programming The Hour of Code into South’s Agenda

By Lauren Reiss Research stocks. Compare with a list of specific criteria. Use quantitative data to determine the risk. Decide which to buy. Decide which to sell. Decide which to neglect. Change criteria when appropriate. Repeat. What seems like a day in the life of a stock market analyst is actually not a day in[…]

Taking on weight loss–Junior Rubin Smith faces his opponent from Long Beach High School. Smith says "eating less plays a small part" in making his desired weight class. Photo reproduced by permission of Rubin Smith

Wrestling with Weight Loss: Outside the Ring

By Celine Macura For decades, high school wrestlers have attempted to shed multiple pounds before matches. Though unhealthy, this common strategy places wrestlers against opponents lighter than themselves, using superior size as an advantage. By 1999, high school sports officials made the decision to put an end to these dangerous but common practices. The National[…]

Broadway, she's on her way–Junior Isabella Malfi starred in her first off-Broadway production, Expedition. "It was wild to see how far I'd come," Malfi said.  Photo reproduced by permission of Emma Young

A Junior’s Expedition Off-Broadway and Beyond

By Isabella Harnick “Showtime! Places, places, everyone.” Junior Isabella Malfi looked out at the crowd, amazed at how far she had come. It wasn’t long ago that the only audience she entertained was at South. Now, merely steps away from Broadway, she performed for a broader audience in her first off-Broadway production, Expedition. Expedition, a[…]

Meng's clutch touch–Junior Macy Meng scores a touch during a fencing tournament. Meng is the reigning Nassau County champion in girls epee.  Photo reproduced by permission of Macy Meng

The “Meng” Behind the Mask: Macy Fences to Victory

By Jacqueline Liao Junior Macy Meng knew from a young age that she was interested in sports–she just didn’t know which one. She tried ballet at first but decided to switch when she wasn’t satisfied. She tried martial arts and kung-fu next, but injuries stopped her from competing in the long run. One day, she[…]

iWork–Freshman Hannah Weinberger utilizes an iPad she signed out from the library to complete homework. Photo taken by Haley Raphael

Powering Up the 1:1 iPad Initiative for September

by Haley Raphael Brrring. Students rush into the halls and scurry to their next classes like ants swarming a discarded piece of fruit. In the frenzy, it seems like an inevitable occurrence that at least one backpack will spill out its contents. A multitude of binders, pens, and loose paper somehow find their way onto[…]

A student uses an iPad in South's library.

Think Twice About Tablets: Do iPads Really Belong in Classrooms?

In our revolutionary age of technology and innovation, we often assume that most of our technological advances work towards increasing productivity and fostering good habits. New electronics such as tablets are incredibly powerful; they have the potential to change how we interact, from allowing users to communicate across the world to revolutionizing the way we[…]

Cartoon drawn by Angelina Wang

State Sets Standards: English Common Core Curriculum

by Jessalyn Li In third grade, students in public schools throughout New York State take their first standardized tests: the ELAs and SAMs. These tests are used to measure both teachers’ and students’ performances. After that first exam, similar yet more difficult tests are given each subsequent year. In 2009, officials, education commissioners, and leaders[…]