Flour Power— Diane’s Bakery has the ability to put a smile on many people’s faces. Not only do the delicious sweets make you feel content, but the amazing staff also fulfills orders accurately and briskly. The pleasant atmosphere of the bakery makes everything worth the stay. Photo by Moeh Hayakawa

Delighted by Diane’s Bakery

Moeh Hayakawa Sure, you can walk over to your neighborhood bakery and order the same generic sweets. The staple danish dessert made by some nameless, nondescript bakery in Manhattan, shipped to your neighborhood to be frozen for weeks. The usual five-layer cake soaked from the defrosted condensation that’s made the cake into a tasteless, insipid[…]

Wiping the Slate Clean—A non-renovated girls bathroom (left) still has a pink wall and tile floor, while the newly renovated girls bathroom right) has been painted white and has a wood-like tile floor. The improved bathrooms also contain automatic. hands-free flushers. 
Photos by Celine Macura

Bathroom Renovations Flush away Student Concerns

By Celine Macura The student body has spoken. After multiple complaints to student government regarding the condition of the bathrooms, the first of many upgrades are washing up around school. Students’ main concern was the uncleanliness of the bathrooms; they felt that the bathrooms should be more sanitary. According to Student Government president Shrinath Viswanathan,[…]

Catch of the Day—Senior Elizabeth Smith photographed her customized Taiyaki. Taiyaki is a traditional Japanese dessert, which this NYC ice cream parlor has put their tasty twist on.Photo by Elizabeth Smith

Taiyaki NYC: Tastebud and Insta-Worthy

By Jessica Boico and Elizabeth Smith With temperatures dropping, it may seem like ice cream season is coming to a close. However, at Taiyaki NYC, ice cream season is just getting started. Located on Baxter Street between Little Italy and Chinatown, Taiyaki NYC is one of the newest food crazes in Manhattan. At almost any[…]