Lights, Camera, Live-action!—Seniors Mollie Falchook and Lauren Reiss (right to left) saw the new 3D live-action film Beauty and the Beast on opening night, March 16.
Photo reproduced by permission of Lauren Reiss

A Tale as Old as Time is New Again

By Lauren Reiss On the day that the new, live-action, adult-version of Beauty and the Beast (starring Emma Watson as Belle) was finally released to theatres, my best friend texted me, “Wanna go to Beauty and the Beast tonight?! PLEASE.” And I laughed. We are eighteen years old—it didn’t seem age-appropriate to be this excited[…]

Egg-cellent lunch location—Satsuma’s Mediterranean Quinoa Salad contains chickpeas, spinach, cherry tomatoes, feta, olives, red onion, fresh herbs, lemon vinaigrette, and a hummus crouton, all topped with a sunnyside egg. Photo by Casey Sanders

A Taste of NOLA Dining

By Casey Sanders As more and more people commit to Tulane each day, it seems fitting to size up the nearby dining choices. Since hurricane Katrina in 2005, Tulane (as well as the surrounding area of New Orleans) has bounced back and now flourishes with the expansion of housing developments, the art and music scene,[…]

Slicing and Dicing—Ray Ngan(left) prepares to smash a birdie. Ngan crowned himself the Nassau County Singles Champion,while the Rebels brought home the county championship. Image reproduced with permission from Ray Ngan

Turning badminton to great-minton: boys badminton team achieves perfect season

By Michael Zhang What happens when volleyball and tennis have a child? Badminton: a sport with lightweight rackets, a birdie flying back and forth, a net of medium height, smashes and aces, and resplendent displays of teamwork and skill. This past fall season, the Boys Varsity Badminton team was one of only two of South’s[…]

Securing Scientific Success—Four South students clinched the title of Siemens Semifinalist this year: from left to right, Juniors Shawn Kang and Eric Kuang and Seniors Aric Zhuang and Jaysen Zhang. The topics of their research range from the universe’s dark energy to cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Photo by Irwin Mendlinger

Inside South’s 2016 Siemens Semifinalists’ Research Projects

By Annie Zhang On Oct. 18, thousands of students around the country refreshed their web pages simultaneously. Waiting anxiously, these students opened a document of names and scanned for their own. Out of more than 1600 projects, 498 applicants discovered that they had been named semifinalists for one of the most prestigious high school competitions[…]