Chicken Kothu—a Sri Lankan dish consisting of finely chopping roti with chicken, peppers, and dry spices, is a staple of Sri Lankan cooking and a popular dish at Spicy Lanka. Photo taken by Noah Sheidlower

A Food Tour of Queens

By Noah Sheidlower The United States was built on the premise that people of all backgrounds can coexist within society; however, in the last few month, discrimination, racism, and prejudice have all run rampant. But if you go just a few miles west of Great Neck, America’s initial values can readily be seen. While popular[…]

Lights, Camera, Live-action!—Seniors Mollie Falchook and Lauren Reiss (right to left) saw the new 3D live-action film Beauty and the Beast on opening night, March 16.  Photo reproduced by permission of Lauren Reiss and Mollie Falchook

A Tale as Old as Time is New Again

By Lauren Reiss On the day that the new, live-action, adult-version of Beauty and the Beast (starring Emma Watson as Belle) was finally released to theatres, my best friend texted me, “Wanna go to Beauty and the Beast tonight?! PLEASE.” And I laughed. We are eighteen years old—it didn’t seem age-appropriate to be this excited[…]

Reproduced by permission of Christyn Hung[/caption]

Removing Our Social Media Filters

During the 1950s, many believed that women could only find fulfillment through childbearing and homemaking. However, many women were secretly unhappy with their roles as suburban housewives. Inundated with images of happy housewives in magazines, television, and the radio, they thought that they were the only ones dissatisfied with their lives and, as a result,[…]

Dancing to the top—Sophie Hod performs to a neoclassical ballet song “Charge” in at a recital in 2016.
Photo reproduced by permission of Sophie Hod

Student Balances Ballet and Books

By Matthew Portnoy and Hannah Weinberger As the curtains open, junior Sophie Hod, student at the Ballet Academy East (BAE), stands  behind the curtains anxiously awaiting her first solo performance. A million thoughts swirl as she quickly runs through the routine in her head.  As the curtains rise, she reviews the proper arm movement, appropriate[…]