Answering her way to achievement—Senior Lucia Geng correctly answers a Jeopardy! tossup, placing her in the lead. Although she ultimately lost the round by a small margin, Geng’s score was high enough for her to advance to the semifinals.
 Reproduced by permission of Lucia Geng

South Student Tackles the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament

By Noah Sheidlower “This is Jeopardy!” Applause sounds as the three contestants—all high school students—are introduced to the audience. The categories are revealed, ranging from history to pop culture to wordplay. Pulses race and hands shake as the first clue is read from the blue screen. After players respond to more clues (in the form[…]

Fixated by the debate­— Senior Ashley Koo watches the third presidential debate live on Facebook.Photo by Amanda Shen

Reliable or Reposting Lies? Reevaluate Relying on Social Media for Political Info

Scrolling past the multitude of Harambe memes and puppy videos, your attention falls upon Hillary Clinton’s latest political campaign advertisement. A pathos-invoking scene of a workman toiling away in a cramped space appears on the screen with Donald Trump’s derogatory words sounding in the background: “You have to be wealthy in order to be great,[…]

Staying trendy —Juniors Isabel Ugolini (left) and Julia Kelly (right) pose for a picture in front of the Metropolitan Museum after attending their weekly summer class at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where they learned the fundamental skills of the fashion industry.
Reproduced  by permission of Julia Kelly

A Passion for Fashion: South Students Start New Club

By Hannah Weinberger and Parker Spector-Salwen Styles. Wardrobes. Accessories. Designs. It’s not just conforming to a trend; it’s a way of self-expression. The new club Fashion Forecasting was founded by juniors Julia Kelly and Isabel Ugolini in order to teach students that fashion is more than just apparel: A well-chosen wardrobe can actually be a[…]

Soccer Spirit—Seniors Jacob Neiderman and Jonathan Farkas of the boys varsity soccer team walk under  the orange and blue balloon banner at the annual pep rally to promote active school participation. Photo by Winston Gao

Raising Our Spirits: Finding Ways to Celebrate South

By Cara Becker and Celine Macura Football. Friends. Fun. Food. These are some of the elements that come to mind when you think of a traditional high school Homecoming event. In movies, the high energy and camaraderie carry tremendous importance, linking the assorted interests of students. Heaps of people donning school colors line the field[…]