Make Your Voice Heard: Vote Local on May 16

With Senate confirmations and the refugee crisis dominating the headlines, local issues are often overlooked. All too often, citizens are more concerned with national issues than local ones when in reality the actions of our local officials are just as—or potentially more—important as those of our President. A popular slogan for both presidential and local[…]

Students Named Semi-Finalists In Regeneron Competition

By Cara Becker Over the summer, high school students flock to professional labs to collect data. One way their success is measured is by advancing in the Regeneron Science Talent Search competition, the nation’s oldest science and math competition for high school seniors. Science research teacher Dr. Carol Hersh said the competition looks for students[…]

Girls just wanna have fun(damental rights)—An estimated 500,000 people marched in Washington D.C. on Jan. 21 to remind the new president, Donald Trump, that their voices will not be silenced.Photo by Jennifer Hastings

Walk on Washington: Human Rights Are Not Up For Grabs

By Amanda Shen Less than 24 hours after President Trump assumed office, the streets of the nation’s capital turned pink. Protesters—many adorned in pink handknit “pussy hats”—flew from across the nation to participate in the Women’s March on Washington DC. Touting vibrant, politically charged signs, they all shivered, trudged, and shouted to their new president,[…]

Making sure all is secure—The first things school Security Guard William Lee does every morning is check the video cameras located at various points around the building Photo by Celine Macura

The Badge Behind The Desk: South Welcomes New School Security Guard

By Celine Macura School Security Guard William Lee arrives to school each morning at 7:00 a.m., a time when most students are either still sleeping or just beginning to wake up. He starts his day by reviewing the monitors connected to the video cameras surrounding the building. Lee unlocks the doors and makes his way[…]

Revising Rebel War

By Casey Sanders While every year those involved in planning Rebel War make adjustments in an attempt to increase attendance, this year marks some of the biggest, most notable changes. This year, the event will be held immediately after school on Friday, March 3, instead of the traditional Saturday evening time slot. These two changes[…]

Salute to the Statement Skirt—Bernstein displays her Topshop snake skirt, Reformation sweater and Tabitha Simmons booties as a new trend for this winter season.
 Photo reproduced by permission of Danielle Bernstein

WeWonWhat? Former South Student Included In Forbes 30 Under 30

By Casey Sanders Between answering her emails, posting on her blog, going to showroom appointments, and attending events each night, South alumnae Danielle Bernstein, commonly known for her Instagram and blog “WeWoreWhat,” was included in Forbes 30 Under 30: Art and Style. Out of over 6,000 applicants, Bernstein was chosen as one of the top[…]