Chicken Kothu—a Sri Lankan dish consisting of finely chopping roti with chicken, peppers, and dry spices, is a staple of Sri Lankan cooking and a popular dish at Spicy Lanka. Photo taken by Noah Sheidlower

A Food Tour of Queens

By Noah Sheidlower The United States was built on the premise that people of all backgrounds can coexist within society; however, in the last few month, discrimination, racism, and prejudice have all run rampant. But if you go just a few miles west of Great Neck, America’s initial values can readily be seen. While popular[…]

Egg-cellent lunch location—Satsuma’s Mediterranean Quinoa Salad contains chickpeas, spinach, cherry tomatoes, feta, olives, red onion, fresh herbs, lemon vinaigrette, and a hummus crouton, all topped with a sunnyside egg. Photo by Casey Sanders

A Taste of NOLA Dining

By Casey Sanders As more and more people commit to Tulane each day, it seems fitting to size up the nearby dining choices. Since hurricane Katrina in 2005, Tulane (as well as the surrounding area of New Orleans) has bounced back and now flourishes with the expansion of housing developments, the art and music scene,[…]

On Trend—The SUS Gallery features a collection of the trending personalities of March made by Michaela Ben Yehuda. Photo taken by Annie Zhang

Young Artists Featured in Spot under Spot Gallery

By Annie Zhang I used to associate art galleries with silent rooms filled with pretentious, middle-aged classical music enthusiasts that possessed refined tastes in wine. I imagine that they’re also wearing formal attire and expertly commenting on a painter’s craftsmanship. So that’s exactly what I expected from Great Neck Plaza’s Spot Under Spot (SUS) Gallery[…]