Rebecca Gelfand Combines Her Passions: Fashion and Dance

By Julia Rossiello Fashion and dance are two of senior Rebecca Gelfand’s favorite things. As a Fashion Show coordinator, she combined both, creating an unforgettable experience. When she was three years old, Gelfand’s parents signed her up for her first dance class. She said, “I ran out of the room crying during my first class,[…]

Lunch with Santa Feeds Holiday Spirit to Hungry Stomachs

By Sharon Glick With the holiday spirit pervading the halls of South, students organized the annual Lunch with Santa charity event on Monday, Dec. 19. From periods four to seven, students received a home-cooked, Italian-style meal in the auditorium for $10, complete with Santa Claus and holiday decorations. This year, the proceeds were donated to[…]

Senior Jacob Roth Lives by Philosophy: “Let Them Eat Cake”

By Brian Rosenfeld Harnessing the power of cake, Senior Jacob Roth created the holiday of Cake Week, a “week-long celebration of brotherhood, peace, love, and equality celebrated through the pastry delight of cake.” Roth views cake as more than merely food: “Cake is a symbol of celebration and merriment. Unlike ice cream, no one ever[…]