Cartoon by Angelina Wang

Make Your Education Count: Focus on Learning, Not Grades

At South, in Great Neck, and in an alarmingly increasing number of schools, we as students are faced with an expectation of academic excellence. Going to college has become a requisite in today’s world, and we are pressured to spend our high school years pursuing impressive grades to earn entrance to “good colleges,” which has[…]

A student uses an iPad in South's library.

Think Twice About Tablets: Do iPads Really Belong in Classrooms?

In our revolutionary age of technology and innovation, we often assume that most of our technological advances work towards increasing productivity and fostering good habits. New electronics such as tablets are incredibly powerful; they have the potential to change how we interact, from allowing users to communicate across the world to revolutionizing the way we[…]

Cartoon by Emma Lu

Evaluating College Evaluation

From the “trending” list on BuzzFeed to the “recommended for you” list on The New York Times, we see ranking lists all around us, and especially online. Lists are often a great resource: They condense data and conveniently provide us with the essence of synthesized information. For example, one glance at the #1 song on[…]

Yikkety-yak, Why Talk Smack?

By The Editorial Board In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Juliet asks the famous question, “What’s in a name?” Well, Juliet, we have an answer for you: a lot. A name represents a person’s identity, reputation, and character. So what happens when a person’s name disappears? Just look at what happened with Yik Yak. Yik Yak[…]