Staying trendy —Juniors Isabel Ugolini (left) and Julia Kelly (right) pose for a picture in front of the Metropolitan Museum after attending their weekly summer class at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where they learned the fundamental skills of the fashion industry.
Reproduced  by permission of Julia Kelly

A Passion for Fashion: South Students Start New Club

By Hannah Weinberger and Parker Spector-Salwen Styles. Wardrobes. Accessories. Designs. It’s not just conforming to a trend; it’s a way of self-expression. The new club Fashion Forecasting was founded by juniors Julia Kelly and Isabel Ugolini in order to teach students that fashion is more than just apparel: A well-chosen wardrobe can actually be a[…]

Cruzing into a new position— Ms. Cruz is the new Guidance Department Head for the 2016-2017 school year. Photo taken by Sammy Greben

New Shoes to Fill: Mrs. Cruz Appointed Guidance Department Chair

By Noah Sheidlower On a given day, Mrs. Jo-AnnEyre Cruz can be found conversing with a large number of students about their schedules, classes, and concerns. In response to these appointments, she develops and implements programs for students who are burdened with school stress to feel more comfortable and confident. After discussing these programs with[…]

Symphony of singers, strings, and soul—Violinist Chloe Metz plays with the MYO chamber orchestra, performing the piece Scheherezade by Rimski-Korsakov. Metz says that her conductor, Scott Stickley, “was the most brilliant conductor and musician [she has] ever worked with. He really knew what he was doing, and he had so much confidence in [the orchestra].”Photo reproduced by Chloe Metz

South Students Serenade Spain through Songs and Strings

By Noah Sheildlower   The melodic sound of young musicians tuning their instruments to the “A” of an oboe warms the concert hall as local residents stroll to their seats. The orchestra’s conductor makes his way through the tightly packed rows of string players, accompanied by a deafening applause. With the strike of his baton,[…]

Good Vibes, Good Times— Sophomore Romi Soffer models her most popular item: her rainbow “good vibes” jacket. High demand has caused this $495 jacket design to sell faster than any other to date. One of the first jackets Soffer created, this jacket has been modified multiple times and now includes a different style font.Photo reproduced by permission of Romi Soffer

From Great Neck to Great Things: Former Student Starts Clothing Line

By Matthew Portnoy and Hannah Weinberger Walking down the historic Madrid boulevards, 16-year-old Romi Soffer, a sophomore at Ponte Vedra High School in Florida, took in all that the city had to offer. Traditional buildings, old fashioned arts, and abstract painted walls filled the city with character and beauty. As Soffer walked past all the[…]

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An Award for Cardboard: South Students named Global Finalists in DECA Idea Challenge

Video reproduced by permission of Parker Spector By Jacqueline Liao The DECA Idea Challenge is an annual competition that requires students of all ages to find an innovative way to use an everyday item. In 2015, students were challenged to find a unique and sustainable application for cardboard boxes. Four South students – juniors Haley[…]