On Trend—The SUS Gallery features a collection of the trending personalities of March made by Michaela Ben Yehuda. Photo taken by Annie Zhang

Young Artists Featured in Spot under Spot Gallery

By Annie Zhang I used to associate art galleries with silent rooms filled with pretentious, middle-aged classical music enthusiasts that possessed refined tastes in wine. I imagine that they’re also wearing formal attire and expertly commenting on a painter’s craftsmanship. So that’s exactly what I expected from Great Neck Plaza’s Spot Under Spot (SUS) Gallery[…]

Securing Scientific Success—Four South students clinched the title of Siemens Semifinalist this year: from left to right, Juniors Shawn Kang and Eric Kuang and Seniors Aric Zhuang and Jaysen Zhang. The topics of their research range from the universe’s dark energy to cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Photo by Irwin Mendlinger

Inside South’s 2016 Siemens Semifinalists’ Research Projects

By Annie Zhang On Oct. 18, thousands of students around the country refreshed their web pages simultaneously. Waiting anxiously, these students opened a document of names and scanned for their own. Out of more than 1600 projects, 498 applicants discovered that they had been named semifinalists for one of the most prestigious high school competitions[…]

Cartoon by Angelina Wang

Musicians Let Passion Motivate Their Melodies

By Annie Zhang The New York City Ballet, Metropolitan Opera, New York Philharmonic Orchestra, and a select few high school students all have one thing in common: the opportunity to perform at Lincoln Center’s renowned concert halls. Every year, thousands of high school students create chamber music ensembles in order to participate in the Young[…]

Cartoon by Angelina Wang

Book Review: A Bedtime Story for Young Adults

By Annie Zhang What you’ve learned about genies is wrong—not all genies are as funny as Robin Williams. In fact, they aren’t even called genies. According to Salman Rushdie’s new novel Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights, the correct term is jinn or jinnia, and their distinctive feature is the lack of earlobes. Rushdie[…]