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Slice of Life Trailer

Video by Jared Leong The Southerner is excited to announce the new web series Slice of Life, created in collaboration with Jared Leong, otherwise known as “Pubstarr” on YouTube. Focusing on clubs, sports teams, and other aspects of student life, Slice of Life is intended to show the regular lives of regular students at Great[…]

New Club Deemed Kosher: Jewish Student Union Joins South

By Alexandra Puntus The Jewish Student Union, a national organization, is a new club that enables South students to learn more about Jewish heritage. Currently, this club serves 9,100 Jewish students attending 220 public high schools in 27 U.S. states and Canadian provinces. Accoring to club president Avi Mahgerefteh, “At JSU, teens debate real life[…]

Young Members Rise to the Occasion as Government Club Wins Awards

By Andrew Schneider In December, the Government Club participated in the 2011 Yale Model Congress Conference, the first of the two major events the club participates in each year. According to senior Zak Malamed, the club’s president, The Government Club “provides students with an opportunity to gain a better understanding of how government works through[…]

Global Village to Hold Charity Auction

By Lexi Kleinberg Although most would associate Asian Night with dancing, drum-beating, and other performances, each year the Global Village club sponsors an auction at the event. Global Village raises money for different charities throughout the world. The club members selected Peace House as the recipient of the proceeds. Peace House is a non-profit organization[…]