Winter Workouts: Sprinting Towards the Season

By Elizabeth Smith Thinking of doing a sport this winter but not sure how to prepare? Don’t worry; detailed below are recommended workouts by winter sport coaches. Other winter sport options include bowling, boys’ swimming, girls’ cheerleading, and girls’ gymnastics. Tryouts begin Nov. 14. Photos reproduced by permission of Great Neck South High School

Catch of the Day—Senior Elizabeth Smith photographed her customized Taiyaki. Taiyaki is a traditional Japanese dessert, which this NYC ice cream parlor has put their tasty twist on.Photo by Elizabeth Smith

Taiyaki NYC: Tastebud and Insta-Worthy

By Jessica Boico and Elizabeth Smith With temperatures dropping, it may seem like ice cream season is coming to a close. However, at Taiyaki NYC, ice cream season is just getting started. Located on Baxter Street between Little Italy and Chinatown, Taiyaki NYC is one of the newest food crazes in Manhattan. At almost any[…]

Photo by Elizabeth Smith

The Delightful Duo Behind the Front Desk

By Isabella Harnick and Elizabeth Smith As you walk up South’s steps and through the big, blue doors, to your left you will find two smiling faces waiting to greet you. Rushing to the library to finish last night’s homework or cramming for your first period history test, you may just miss those friendly faces,[…]