Out of this world— Senior Heidi Chang sketches a draft of her doodle which depicts her vision of space exploration and general advances in technology. Photo taken by Melody Kang

Google Your Graphic: Students Enter the Doodle for Google Competition

By Aren Kalash Flying cars. Teleportation. Time travel. A cure for cancer. World peace. Kanye for President. For this year’s Doodle 4 Google art competition, students in kindergarten to twelfth grade were given the prompt, “What I see for the future…”. In its ninth year hosting the competition, Google offers a wide range of prizes[…]

On Trend—The SUS Gallery features a collection of the trending personalities of March made by Michaela Ben Yehuda. Photo taken by Annie Zhang

Young Artists Featured in Spot under Spot Gallery

By Annie Zhang I used to associate art galleries with silent rooms filled with pretentious, middle-aged classical music enthusiasts that possessed refined tastes in wine. I imagine that they’re also wearing formal attire and expertly commenting on a painter’s craftsmanship. So that’s exactly what I expected from Great Neck Plaza’s Spot Under Spot (SUS) Gallery[…]

Making ice cream is a chocoLOT of fun— pouring the base into the ice cream machine is the first step in the process to your ice cream creation. Photo taken by Rachel Brenner

Crazy Coolness: New Dessert Location

By Rachel Schneider Watch out, Serendipity and Dylan’s Candy Bar: there is another trendy dessert spot in town! CoolMess is the new dessert destination. It is definitely no ordinary ice cream parlor; CoolMess provides the unique opportunity to make your own personal ice cream creation from scratch. Located on the the Upper East Side of[…]

A Sweet End to a Sweet Summer: The Museum of Ice Cream Pop-Up in NYC

Photos taken by Lauren Reiss By Lauren Reiss While the walls were not edible and there was, admittedly, no melted chocolate river, I felt as close to the magical, interactive, sweet fantasy world of Willy Wonka as it gets. The Museum of Ice Cream popped up this summer in New York City’s Meatpacking District, and[…]

It’s a Jungle out There­­—Mowgli and Baloo float down the river in a scene depicted in this official movie posterAren Kalash

I Wanna Be Like New: Disney’s Jungle Book Remake

By Aren Kalash From its lush artificially created environments to its frighteningly realistic anthropomorphic animals, Disney’s live-action, computer-generated imagery (CGI) remake of the 1967 classic animated film and adaptation of the 1894 novel by Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book, succeeds in captivating viewers of all ages. Its wondrously detailed backgrounds and lifelike creatures in addition[…]

An A-Maya-zing Taste of Heritage

Photos and captions by Noah Sheidlower By Noah Sheidlower Approximately one year ago, a small family of Guatemalan descent gazed upon a small barren space on Northern Boulevard. The family, having looked at multiple locations, purchased the uninviting space situated next to a small, successful Italian restaurant. With their ancestry in mind, the Quintanilla family[…]