Second Semester Sophomore Studies Overseas In Israel

By Elizabeth Smith Most students dreaded returning to school after winter break, but sophomore Jessica Boico had been counting down the days—instead of resuming classes at South for the spring semester, she is studying abroad in Israel until May 29. She is the first student from South to participate in such a program. Boico will[…]

Beating The Addiction: Quiz Bowl’s Reality Trivia Crack

By Amanda Madenberg Quick! Who was the twentieth president of the United States? What is the name of the scientist who discovered Uranus? Who played the role of the infamous psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter in the movie Silence of the Lambs? Which artist is a key figure in dadaism and surrealism? Time’s up! Sound familiar? That’s[…]

Celebration Of South’s Dedication To Cultural Diversity

By Jacqueline Liao “Welcome to Cultural Heritage Night 2015!” the emcees enthusiastically announced into their microphones. Before long, members of the Music Club and the American Sign Language Club took the stage to perform a rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner,” kicking off a night of cultural celebrations and performances. The Korean Traditional Fan girls[…]

Brooke’s Vantage Point: A Bejeweled Silk Road Leads To Influence On Fashion Trends

By Brooke Ferber This past November, my dream came true: I attended a lecture featuring Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour. “The Atilier with Alina Cho” lecture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art was designed as a panel, comprised of Wintour and Costume Institute Curator Andrew Bolton. Topics discussed ranged from the Kardashians to Bolton’s and Wintour’s[…]

A Good History Lesson: Introducing South’s New Women’s History Course

By Betsy Tanenbaum For the first time in South’s history, a women’s history class has been added to the social studies curriculum. This new class, titled Women’s History, is offered to seniors as a half-year elective to fulfill their social studies credit. Ms. Lynda Good, the Social Studies Department Chair, wrote the course proposal with[…]