Doreste Is Not “Lax” About Lacrosse As His Passion Pays Off On The Field

By Betsy Tanenbaum With dirt on his face and a ripped pair of sweats, the usual outcome of Sunday morning touch football with the boys, Dan Doreste has always enjoyed mixing it up on the athletic field. Though football and soccer would have satisfied his love for competition and contact, Dan was looking for something[…]

Modeling with mousse - Junior Alison Zhao amuses viewers by dressing up classy in a vide from her YouTube channel “ilikealison.”

South Student Becomes YouTube Sensation: Zhao Wins Over World Wide Web With Her Wit

By Lelina Chang Using social media sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Youtube has become the norm for people in the age of technology. However, among the millions of users on the web, it’s not the norm to become “Tumblr-/Insta-/YouTube-famous.” Among South’s students, junior Alison Zhao has become a mini YouTube sensation, currently having over[…]

Asian Night Legacy to Live on Fashion Show Runway

By Deborah Glick The lion’s last dance—As usual, the lion comes alive during Asian Night. Though this is the last year of Asian Night, traditions like the Lion Dance will be remembered. Photo by Matthew Kipnis   If Asian Night and Fashion Show were compared, two very different performances would come to mind.  Each show[…]

Sandy Takes Us All By Storm: Examining the Unplugged Life of a Twenty-First Century Teenager

Meghan Punjabi and Lauren Shum When the harsh winds subsided and the skies cleared up, 90% of Long Island was in the dark. For days or even weeks, people had no heat, no electricity, and no Internet. Needless to say, people panicked. In today’s society, we don’t just enjoy modern conveniences—we depend on them. When[…]