"So much of the game is mental"—Coach Crotty speaks to team to wrap up practice.Photo reproduced by permission of Melissa Crotty

Acing It: Coach Crotty Named “2015 Nassau County Coach of the Year”

By Isabella Harnick Within one year, the boys’ varsity volleyball team rose from last place to making the second round of the playoffs. As a result, the team’s coach, Melissa Crotty, was voted “2016 Nassau County Coach of the Year.” Each year, coaches from across Long Island come together to vote for who they think[…]

Photo by Elizabeth Smith

The Delightful Duo Behind the Front Desk

By Isabella Harnick and Elizabeth Smith As you walk up South’s steps and through the big, blue doors, to your left you will find two smiling faces waiting to greet you. Rushing to the library to finish last night’s homework or cramming for your first period history test, you may just miss those friendly faces,[…]

Broadway, she's on her way–Junior Isabella Malfi starred in her first off-Broadway production, Expedition. "It was wild to see how far I'd come," Malfi said.  Photo reproduced by permission of Emma Young

A Junior’s Expedition Off-Broadway and Beyond

By Isabella Harnick “Showtime! Places, places, everyone.” Junior Isabella Malfi looked out at the crowd, amazed at how far she had come. It wasn’t long ago that the only audience she entertained was at South. Now, merely steps away from Broadway, she performed for a broader audience in her first off-Broadway production, Expedition. Expedition, a[…]

Senior Annabelle Golden is all smiles in Africa—Golden celebrates the completion of the school she just finished building through her participation in the Rustic Pathways summer program. Despite the school's being inexpensive to attend by Great Neck standards, it is a struggle for African parents to spend the $2.50 per child each month. Reproduced by permission of Annabelle Golden

Girls Just Ghana Have Fun: Senior Volunteers in Africa

By Isabella Harnick It was 5:00 a.m. in Ghana, and senior Annabelle Golden was already doing her chores with her host mother, Joycee. Over the course of the next six hours, Golden would use a nail and string to make sure that the walls for the school she and 15 others were building were straight.[…]