Answering her way to achievement—Senior Lucia Geng correctly answers a Jeopardy! tossup, placing her in the lead. Although she ultimately lost the round by a small margin, Geng’s score was high enough for her to advance to the semifinals.
 Reproduced by permission of Lucia Geng

South Student Tackles the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament

By Noah Sheidlower “This is Jeopardy!” Applause sounds as the three contestants—all high school students—are introduced to the audience. The categories are revealed, ranging from history to pop culture to wordplay. Pulses race and hands shake as the first clue is read from the blue screen. After players respond to more clues (in the form[…]

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E(val)uating the Dismis(sal)s of Titles

By Lucia Geng As long as schools have been around, the practice of awarding the titles of valedictorian and salutatorian has as well. It’s only natural: after all, our best and brightest deserve recognition and honors. However, in the environment of South High, awarding the titles of valedictorian and salutatorian does more harm than good,[…]