Dancing to the top—Sophie Hod performs to a neoclassical ballet song “Charge” in at a recital in 2016.
Photo reproduced by permission of Sophie Hod

Student Balances Ballet and Books

By Matthew Portnoy and Hannah Weinberger As the curtains open, junior Sophie Hod, student at the Ballet Academy East (BAE), stands  behind the curtains anxiously awaiting her first solo performance. A million thoughts swirl as she quickly runs through the routine in her head.  As the curtains rise, she reviews the proper arm movement, appropriate[…]

Good Vibes, Good Times— Sophomore Romi Soffer models her most popular item: her rainbow “good vibes” jacket. High demand has caused this $495 jacket design to sell faster than any other to date. One of the first jackets Soffer created, this jacket has been modified multiple times and now includes a different style font.Photo reproduced by permission of Romi Soffer

From Great Neck to Great Things: Former Student Starts Clothing Line

By Matthew Portnoy and Hannah Weinberger Walking down the historic Madrid boulevards, 16-year-old Romi Soffer, a sophomore at Ponte Vedra High School in Florida, took in all that the city had to offer. Traditional buildings, old fashioned arts, and abstract painted walls filled the city with character and beauty. As Soffer walked past all the[…]