Wiping the Slate Clean—A non-renovated girls bathroom (left) still has a pink wall and tile floor, while the newly renovated girls bathroom right) has been painted white and has a wood-like tile floor. The improved bathrooms also contain automatic. hands-free flushers. 
Photos by Celine Macura

Bathroom Renovations Flush away Student Concerns

By Celine Macura The student body has spoken. After multiple complaints to student government regarding the condition of the bathrooms, the first of many upgrades are washing up around school. Students’ main concern was the uncleanliness of the bathrooms; they felt that the bathrooms should be more sanitary. According to Student Government president Shrinath Viswanathan,[…]

Masked for a Task—Senior Jack Doremus took this photo of Senior Ben Weber with a clown mask over his face for his AP Art Concentration prior to the clown scare. Photo reproduced by permission of Jack Doremus

This is No Circus: Clowns Pose Threats to Schools

By Rachel Schneider This is no circus. If you have recently watched the news, checked your Facebook feed, or listened to discourse in the hallways, then you have probably heard of the clown sightings. Since August, there have been reports of people dressed in clown costumes appearing throughout the nation and threatening schools and colleges[…]

Soccer Spirit—Seniors Jacob Neiderman and Jonathan Farkas of the boys varsity soccer team walk under  the orange and blue balloon banner at the annual pep rally to promote active school participation. Photo by Winston Gao

Raising Our Spirits: Finding Ways to Celebrate South

By Cara Becker and Celine Macura Football. Friends. Fun. Food. These are some of the elements that come to mind when you think of a traditional high school Homecoming event. In movies, the high energy and camaraderie carry tremendous importance, linking the assorted interests of students. Heaps of people donning school colors line the field[…]

Securing Scientific Success—Four South students clinched the title of Siemens Semifinalist this year: from left to right, Juniors Shawn Kang and Eric Kuang and Seniors Aric Zhuang and Jaysen Zhang. The topics of their research range from the universe’s dark energy to cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Photo by Irwin Mendlinger

Inside South’s 2016 Siemens Semifinalists’ Research Projects

By Annie Zhang On Oct. 18, thousands of students around the country refreshed their web pages simultaneously. Waiting anxiously, these students opened a document of names and scanned for their own. Out of more than 1600 projects, 498 applicants discovered that they had been named semifinalists for one of the most prestigious high school competitions[…]

Safety First— The new Nassau County Safety app allows for immediate communication with the police in the case of any emergency. Picture Credit: Nassau County

Nassau County Implements New Safety App to Public Schools

By Celine Macura Four Years after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, many still fear that a similar crisis could threaten their own community. With the shooting claiming the lives of twenty-six students and teachers, the anxiety that their own school systems aren’t prepared enough is understandable.To address these concerns, Nassau County officials[…]

Stimulating critical thinking-Sophmore Lauren Farkas prepares for her Common Core math exam by reviewing curriculum material.  Photo taken by Celine Macura

Examining New Standardized and College Board Test Changes

By Celine Macura Students have been tossing away their flash cards, deleting their Quizlet accounts and forgetting mnemonics due to the new testing approach being adopted in high schools around the country. Doing well on many of the new standard tests like the updated Advanced Placement (AP), SAT, and Common Core exams no longer require[…]

Powell to the people—Mr. John Powell, the district’s Assistant Superintendent for Business, discusses with the public the 2016-17 Preliminary Working Budget at South High School on March 19.Photo reproduced by permission of Jared Leong

2016-17 Preliminary Budget: Why They Cut and Why You Should Care

By Haley Raphael When the 2016-17 Preliminary Budget for the Great Neck Public Schools was released on Feb. 29, many South High students and staff members were astonished by the proposed budget cuts. Although the district had already enacted measures to reduce the budget in past years, the 2016-17 school year will likely include cuts[…]