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Removing Our Social Media Filters

During the 1950s, many believed that women could only find fulfillment through childbearing and homemaking. However, many women were secretly unhappy with their roles as suburban housewives. Inundated with images of happy housewives in magazines, television, and the radio, they thought that they were the only ones dissatisfied with their lives and, as a result,[…]

Fixated by the debate­— Senior Ashley Koo watches the third presidential debate live on Facebook.Photo by Amanda Shen

Reliable or Reposting Lies? Reevaluate Relying on Social Media for Political Info

Scrolling past the multitude of Harambe memes and puppy videos, your attention falls upon Hillary Clinton’s latest political campaign advertisement. A pathos-invoking scene of a workman toiling away in a cramped space appears on the screen with Donald Trump’s derogatory words sounding in the background: “You have to be wealthy in order to be great,[…]

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E(val)uating the Dismis(sal)s of Titles

By Lucia Geng As long as schools have been around, the practice of awarding the titles of valedictorian and salutatorian has as well. It’s only natural: after all, our best and brightest deserve recognition and honors. However, in the environment of South High, awarding the titles of valedictorian and salutatorian does more harm than good,[…]

Cartoon by Amanda Shen

Love Is Love Day
Love is All Days

By Amanda Shen Valentine’s Day. A day characterized by pastel-colored Necco Sweethearts, pink and red glittered Hallmark cards, cheaply made stuffed bears holding hearts and roses, and crinkly chocolate wrappers. A day whose true purpose has been largely forgotten. As with most holiday traditions, Valentine’s Day has completely transformed in our society into a festival[…]

Cartoon by Angelina Wang

Make Your Education Count: Focus on Learning, Not Grades

At South, in Great Neck, and in an alarmingly increasing number of schools, we as students are faced with an expectation of academic excellence. Going to college has become a requisite in today’s world, and we are pressured to spend our high school years pursuing impressive grades to earn entrance to “good colleges,” which has[…]