Cartoon by Angelina Wang

Our Liability for Our Labels: Be Wary of How We Categorize

Today, we often hear politicians bemoan political correctness—right before saying something that people may find insensitive, disagreeable, or prejudiced. Political correctness is simply the active attempt to avoid language that marginalizes or discriminates, yet people have ascribed a negative connotation to the concept when they conflate censorship with this correctness. But the core of the[…]

Cartoon by Elissa He

“A” is for Anonymous

By Amanda Madenberg “What did you get?” Four words. Four syllables. One question—carrying so much weight. You’ve probably heard them once or twice, whether the words were directed to you, or your friend, or the person across the hall. You’ve probably answered a couple times, whether you were happy or sad or indifferent about your[…]