Making ice cream is a chocoLOT of fun— pouring the base into the ice cream machine is the first step in the process to your ice cream creation. Photo taken by Rachel Brenner

Crazy Coolness: New Dessert Location

By Rachel Schneider Watch out, Serendipity and Dylan’s Candy Bar: there is another trendy dessert spot in town! CoolMess is the new dessert destination. It is definitely no ordinary ice cream parlor; CoolMess provides the unique opportunity to make your own personal ice cream creation from scratch. Located on the the Upper East Side of[…]

Masked for a Task—Senior Jack Doremus took this photo of Senior Ben Weber with a clown mask over his face for his AP Art Concentration prior to the clown scare. Photo reproduced by permission of Jack Doremus

This is No Circus: Clowns Pose Threats to Schools

By Rachel Schneider This is no circus. If you have recently watched the news, checked your Facebook feed, or listened to discourse in the hallways, then you have probably heard of the clown sightings. Since August, there have been reports of people dressed in clown costumes appearing throughout the nation and threatening schools and colleges[…]

Cartoon drawn by Melody Yang

Keeping Our Building Safe: New Vaccine Protocol for South High

By Rachel Schneider According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 667 cases of the measles and 1,151 cases of the mumps reported in 2014. While these statistics may seem insignificant to many, all it takes is one unvaccinated person to reintroduce a highly contagious and previously eradicated disease that is entirely[…]