Flour Power— Diane’s Bakery has the ability to put a smile on many people’s faces. Not only do the delicious sweets make you feel content, but the amazing staff also fulfills orders accurately and briskly. The pleasant atmosphere of the bakery makes everything worth the stay. Photo by Moeh Hayakawa

Delighted by Diane’s Bakery

Moeh Hayakawa Sure, you can walk over to your neighborhood bakery and order the same generic sweets. The staple danish dessert made by some nameless, nondescript bakery in Manhattan, shipped to your neighborhood to be frozen for weeks. The usual five-layer cake soaked from the defrosted condensation that’s made the cake into a tasteless, insipid[…]

Chicken Kothu—a Sri Lankan dish consisting of finely chopping roti with chicken, peppers, and dry spices, is a staple of Sri Lankan cooking and a popular dish at Spicy Lanka. Photo taken by Noah Sheidlower

A Food Tour of Queens

By Noah Sheidlower The United States was built on the premise that people of all backgrounds can coexist within society; however, in the last few month, discrimination, racism, and prejudice have all run rampant. But if you go just a few miles west of Great Neck, America’s initial values can readily be seen. While popular[…]

A Sweet End to a Sweet Summer: The Museum of Ice Cream Pop-Up in NYC

Photos taken by Lauren Reiss By Lauren Reiss While the walls were not edible and there was, admittedly, no melted chocolate river, I felt as close to the magical, interactive, sweet fantasy world of Willy Wonka as it gets. The Museum of Ice Cream popped up this summer in New York City’s Meatpacking District, and[…]

Skyfall has Audience Falling for Villain

By Radhika Viswanathan Created in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the first James Bond film, the movie Skyfall was definitely memorable. Director Sam Mendes succeeds in perpetuating the audience’s memories of Bond with references to previous movies, including Bond’s 1964 Aston Martin DB5, Miss Moneypenny, and many of Bond’s famous catch phrases. Though I was[…]