Accomplished Academics—From left to right, Annie Yang and Emily Bae smile after being announced salutatorian and valedictorian respectively. Their strong work ethic and motivation to achieve help them earn their academic success.
Photographed by David West

Don’t Stop ‘til You’re on Top: Bae and Yang Strive for Success as South’s Val and Sal

By Vera Lin Achieving academic success in high school means more than just maintaining a high GPA. As both valedictorian Emily Bae and salutatorian Annie Yang can concur, strong work ethics and determination contribute largely to success. While the two seniors received their respective titles based on their exceptional grades, they both attributed their achievements[…]

Fencing her way to the top—Senior Vera Lin (left) fences her opponent in the 2015 Nassau County Individual Championships, where she earned first place. Photo reproduced by permission of Brad Penner

Fencing Captain to Play at Cornell Next School Year

By Celine Macura As college admissions officers flip through applications at a large desk in Cornell University’s main administrative building, one application sits at the bottom of the pile waiting to be opened, waiting to display its applicant’s competitive edge. In a highly selective school, the board is no stranger to hard-earned grades, extensive club[…]