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Love Is Love Day
Love is All Days

By Amanda Shen Valentine’s Day. A day characterized by pastel-colored Necco Sweethearts, pink and red glittered Hallmark cards, cheaply made stuffed bears holding hearts and roses, and crinkly chocolate wrappers. A day whose true purpose has been largely forgotten. As with most holiday traditions, Valentine’s

Fencing Captain to Play at Cornell Next School Year

By Celine Macura As college admissions officers flip through applications at a large desk in Cornell University’s main administrative building, one application sits at the bottom of the pile waiting to be opened, waiting to display its applicant’s competitive edge. In a highly selective school,

Opera-tion Carmen: learn to sing in French

By Annie Zhang Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart did it in The Marriage of Figaro, the opera performed last year at South. Georges Bizet did it in the opera chosen this year, Carmen. Both composers set their operas in a location that, according to four-year opera participant

South Students Have Research Competitions Down to a Science

By Lauren Reiss This year, Great Neck South raised a new banner displaying yet another year of science research successes in the Intel and Siemens competitions. The most recent success belongs to senior Emily Bae, who was named a Semifinalist in the 2016 Intel Science

Malakoff Makes Her Mark in Modeling

By Elizabeth Smith Have you ever looked at a photo of a model online or in a magazine and wondered what it is like to face the camera? How do models get their jobs? Do they get to meet famous people in the fashion industry?

A New Resolution: Happiness First, Grades Second

By Ashley Koo It’s that dreaded time of year again. The holiday highs are over, and it seems like all that remains is the pile of homework that you wish were nonexistent. Everyone is grudgingly taking out the same old new year’s resolutions: go work

Noticing the Negatives of Naviance

By Amanda Shen “Please check the Naviance website for updates on college visits. University of Michigan, second period tomorrow, Case Western Reserve University, seventh period…” Ever since freshman year, I have glossed over and disregarded these announcements over the loudspeaker every morning. However, there comes

Reclaiming CTRL from Technology

“So capable that you won’t want to put it down. So thin and light that you won’t have to.” Today, it is not uncommon to encounter such advertisements touting perpetually new and better capabilities that promise to enhance productivity and accessibility. Designed to be portable