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The Need To Read: Africa

By Noah Sheidlower As technology becomes more integrated into society, people across the globe hear about each others’ culture and news stories; if a leader resigns or a massacre takes place, the news covers it, and we hear about it within an hour or two.

Learn About Your Pals: The Vals And Sals

By Celine Macura Given South’s competitive high school environment, high GPAs and impressive academic accolades are not uncommon. However, two seniors’ successes have risen above the masses. Seniors Kimberly Lu and Weiting Hong were named the 2018 valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively. While their considerable work

South’s Regeneron Science Competition Scholars of 2018

By Annie Zhang On Jan. 9, 300 students among 1818 applicants were named scholars in the Regeneron Science Talent Search Competition, a national high school science and math competition. According to Regeneron STS, “This [scholar] designation is evidence of significant scientific creativity and scholastic aptitude.”

College Is Not the Finish Line

By Caroline Hong He had had two bottles of Nesquik chocolate milk, and after only three weeks, he was on his last bottle of Five-Hour Energy, from a case of twenty-four. I sat across from him a bit dumbfounded, watching him jiggle his leg and

Complete Homework In Half The Time With 30/30

By Elana Amir As you walk quickly down the hallway, maneuvering yourself through the crowd of people waiting at the bottom of the stairwell, you hear snippets of many different conversations. Some students talk about the newest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, many discuss how difficult

Leveling The Playing Field: Committing to Clubs

By Elina Malamed Staredown. The room fills with tension as the competition intensifies. There can only be one king of this court. With two shifts forward and one jump ahead, player one achieves the title of chess “grand master. ” Player two appears calm despite

A Tribute to Ms.Elliott: South’s Head Rebel

By Casey Sanders As students leave through the main doors at the end of each day, they have become accustomed to Ms. Elliott smiling and waving as she sends them off. But students must soon get used to a new face waving them goodbye at