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Love, Simon Shows that Love Always Finds a Way

By Michael Zhang A trend in recent years of profound, amazingly-produced LGBTQ-themed romance films such as Moonlight and Call Me By Your Name has touched a wide variety of audiences and won countless awards. However, the U.S. has yet to have a high-grossing major studio

A Preview of The Tales of Hoffmann

By Elina Malamed The Great Neck South High School Music Department will present The Tales of Hoffman this Friday, April 20, and Saturday, April 21, at 7:30 p.m. in the South High auditorium. Hoffmann (Justin Lin) is a lovelorn young man in Nuremberg who is

Behind the Scenes of the One Acts

By Adam Bernstein, Gabe Lefkowitz, and Jake Raphael “First and Otherwise” directed and written by Adam Sperling The one act play “First and Otherwise,” written by senior and director Adam Sperling, is a romantic comedy about about Ray, a stand-up comedian, Harper, an awkward but

The Heroic Actions of Golden Heroes

By Noah Sheidlower Phone in hand, junior Annie Cohen sends an email to a hospital in New York City to ask if she and her peers could partner with the hospital to help kids cope with childhood cancer. As soon as she sends the email,

South Speaks: Sports

By Casey Sanders Throughout the years, the meaning of sports evolves for students. However, no matter students’ ages, sports always holds a special place in their hearts. Seniors: Brandon: VOLLEYBALL I’ve played sports throughout the entire year ever since middle school, and this past volleyball

South Speaks: Businesses

By Casey Sanders Outside of academics, many South students have become young entrepreneurs, pursuing their passions through creating their own businesses. Here are a few students whose businesses have achieved a great deal of success. Bonnie Charles: BC Makeup Tutorials on Instagram taught me the

South Students Participate in Nationwide Walkout

By Rachel Schneider March 14 was a historic day for students nationwide. For 17 minutes, students from all over the country walked out of their classrooms to take a stand and send a message. Some students chose to walk out in solidarity and remembrance for