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Using Algae Nanofibers to Make Melodies

By Noah Sheidlower Lab coat on, senior Michelle Xing collects data from her algae experiment as she hums a bassoon melody in her head. Once she has gathered enough data, she begins her paper, all the while thinking about an upcoming bassoon performance. Day after

Meet These New Clubs at South

by Noah Shieldlower Club: Forensics: CSI Club Founders: Michael Sun and Kimberly Lu Advisor: Mrs. Brighton Meeting Day: Every other Friday Afternoon “The purpose of the Forensics: CSI Club is to expose students to the fascinating field of forensic science and to help them develop

Science, Songwriting, and Self-Confidence

By Noah Sheidlower Sitting in her car, Ms. Nicole Spinelli listens to a simple acoustic and piano melody, trying to formulate lyrics that match the rhythm. Twenty minutes pass by as the song repeats again and again; meanwhile, ideas begin to form into metered stanzas.