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Revising Rebel War

By Casey Sanders While every year those involved in planning Rebel War make adjustments in an attempt to increase attendance, this year marks some of the biggest, most notable changes. This year, the event will be held immediately after school on Friday, March 3, instead

When You Wish Upon a Tree

By Parker Spector-Salwen By the window in the main hall now stand two little trees that stand for so much: acceptance, peace, and unity. On Nov. 18, South held a peace gathering in the main hall in an effort to put aside possible negative feelings

District Scheduled to Take Out $85 Million Bond

By Haley Raphael The Great Neck School District will be taking out a new bond for $85 million in 2018. The bond will be used to finance projects too costly to fit into the district’s yearly operational budget. Each of the district’s educational buildings will

Bathroom Renovations Flush away Student Concerns

By Celine Macura The student body has spoken. After multiple complaints to student government regarding the condition of the bathrooms, the first of many upgrades are washing up around school. Students’ main concern was the uncleanliness of the bathrooms; they felt that the bathrooms should

This is No Circus: Clowns Pose Threats to Schools

By Rachel Schneider This is no circus. If you have recently watched the news, checked your Facebook feed, or listened to discourse in the hallways, then you have probably heard of the clown sightings. Since August, there have been reports of people dressed in clown

Raising Our Spirits: Finding Ways to Celebrate South

By Cara Becker and Celine Macura Football. Friends. Fun. Food. These are some of the elements that come to mind when you think of a traditional high school Homecoming event. In movies, the high energy and camaraderie carry tremendous importance, linking the assorted interests of

New Meningitis Vaccine Requirement Affects Seniors

By Cara Becker A sudden high fever strikes, and his neck becomes stiff as a board. He begins to feel extremely uneasy and develops red ticks on his body. According to Erin Guy of 25 WBPF News, these are the symptoms eight year old Ronald

Nassau County Implements New Safety App to Public Schools

By Celine Macura Four Years after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, many still fear that a similar crisis could threaten their own community. With the shooting claiming the lives of twenty-six students and teachers, the anxiety that their own school systems aren’t

Examining New Standardized and College Board Test Changes

By Celine Macura Students have been tossing away their flash cards, deleting their Quizlet accounts and forgetting mnemonics due to the new testing approach being adopted in high schools around the country. Doing well on many of the new standard tests like the updated Advanced