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Advanced Topics’ Virtual Classroom Returns to Reality

By Haley Raphael As senior Haarika Reddy walked into her mathematics class, she said hello to her teacher, who responded and continued to write on the board. This seemingly normal encounter is, however, vastly different from what Reddy and most other students have ever experienced

Powering Up the 1:1 iPad Initiative for September

by Haley Raphael Brrring. Students rush into the halls and scurry to their next classes like ants swarming a discarded piece of fruit. In the frenzy, it seems like an inevitable occurrence that at least one backpack will spill out its contents. A multitude of

A Spring of Change: New SAT Starts in March

By Aren Kalash For many students, this is the year of “the exam.” The feared rite of passage that hounds high schoolers throughout their pre-college careers: the SAT. Although some individuals opt for the increasingly popular ACT, those who do not are plagued by the

New Printing System Jams Productivity

By Robin Shum On Nov. 4, South implemented a new printing system for all of its copy machines. The main new feature, called “Follow Me Printing,” sends requested print jobs from the computer straight to an electronic folder that can be accessed by all printers.

State Sets Standards: English Common Core Curriculum

by Jessalyn Li In third grade, students in public schools throughout New York State take their first standardized tests: the ELAs and SAMs. These tests are used to measure both teachers’ and students’ performances. After that first exam, similar yet more difficult tests are given

New School-wide Initiative Aims to Eliminate Hate

by Lauren Reiss Last month, debate club members arrived early to the club fair to display their oak tag speech bubble: “Don’t hate! Join Debate!” A few stations over, the astronomy club members showcased their sign: “There is no hate in this space.” Across the