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Keeping Our Eyes On The Storm

By Elina Malamed Wild winds and catastrophic downpours provide a recipe for disaster—natural disaster, that is. Hurricanes like Harvey, Irma, and Maria have destroyed homes, flooded schools, and created forts of wires and trees in streets. All of this chaos means years of recovery; however, relief fundraising seems to last only a few months. So[…]

Cartoon drawn by Angelina Wang

Putting School Spirit Back On Track

Pep rally at South has a history of evoking pained groans and upperclassmen cuts. Most of us are excited for pep rally solely because we know shortened periods await us. This year, however, we were pleasantly surprised. Walking into school with Rebel cheerleaders handing out raffle tickets and Facing History students handing out food, we[…]

The Stresses of Streaks Making Students Snap

By Annie Zhang Some people are afraid of heights. Others are anxious around spiders. However, for many teenagers nowadays, a greater fear is losing a streak on Snapchat–an ephemeral photo sharing app. Many people, upon seeing the hourglass emoji next to their two hundred day streak, have a minor panic attack. Their hearts start beating[…]


Make Your Voice Heard: Vote Local on May 16

With Senate confirmations and the refugee crisis dominating the headlines, local issues are often overlooked. All too often, citizens are more concerned with national issues than local ones when in reality the actions of our local officials are just as—or potentially more—important as those of our President. A popular slogan for both presidential and local[…]

Reproduced by permission of Christyn Hung[/caption]

Removing Our Social Media Filters

During the 1950s, many believed that women could only find fulfillment through childbearing and homemaking. However, many women were secretly unhappy with their roles as suburban housewives. Inundated with images of happy housewives in magazines, television, and the radio, they thought that they were the only ones dissatisfied with their lives and, as a result,[…]