“Setting” up the team for success— Coach Patterson has a supportive coaching style. During games, he can be seen walking around the sideline giving advice and encouragement.
Reproduced by permission of Michael Zhang

New Splashes and Spikes For Our Varsity Teams

By Michael Zhang This fall season, South’s Athletics Department welcomes two new members: Coaches Bryan Patterson and Jim Burns. They replace Ms. Danielle Dorkings and Ms. Melissa Crotty as the coaches for the varsity girls’ swimming team and the varsity boys’ volleyball team respectively. Both coaches have high hopes for the season and offer unique[…]

Prisamt the sailor man— Senior josh Prisamt (second from left) hangs overboard while sailing. Prisamt hopes to someday compete in the Olympics. Photos reproduced by permission of Josh Prisamt

Senior’s Sailing Olympic Fantasea May Just Become A Reality

By Gabe Lefkowitz The captain faced the bow. As his forty-seven-foot boat raced around Long Island, he could feel the weight of the trophy in his hands. At last, his boat glided through the finish line: first place. For a fifteen-year-old racing against adults, the victory was momentous. Josh Prisamt’s sailng career started long before[…]

Skating Cece—Sophomore Cece Schnall chases the puck during a game. She started playing hockey when she was three.  Photo reproduced by permission of Cece Schnall

Student Athletes Showcase Their Talents Outside of South: Cece Schnall

By Gabe Lefkowitz Sophomore Cece Schnall started skating when she was three. Her mother originally wanted her to figure skate, but she revered her brother—who played hockey—and wanted to follow in his footsteps, insisting on wearing only hockey skates. Since then, she has loved hockey. Her team’s training consists of running followed by working with[…]

Student Athletes Showcase Their Talents Outside of South: Lucas Cowen

By Gabe Lefkowitz Junior Lucas Cowen started rowing in ninth grade for a club team. Cowen’s team travels around the northeast to compete in various regattas; while there, he is also scouted by college coaches. Cowen practices at a facility in Port Washington for 2.5-3 hours six days a week. Being someone who takes crew[…]

Slicing and Dicing—Ray Ngan(left) prepares to smash a birdie. Ngan crowned himself the Nassau County Singles Champion,while the Rebels brought home the county championship. Image reproduced with permission from Ray Ngan

Turning badminton to great-minton: boys badminton team achieves perfect season

By Michael Zhang What happens when volleyball and tennis have a child? Badminton: a sport with lightweight rackets, a birdie flying back and forth, a net of medium height, smashes and aces, and resplendent displays of teamwork and skill. This past fall season, the Boys Varsity Badminton team was one of only two of South’s[…]