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Slice of Life: Asian Culture Club

By Jared Leong This week Slice of Life showcases Great Neck South’s Asian Culture Club, which consists of multiple acts that perform in Cultural Heritage Night. This episode features groups like Modern Fan, Korean Techno, Lion Dance, Chinese Yo-yo, and Taekwondo as they prepare for the show on Dec. 4. However, Asian Culture Club is[…]

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Slice of Life: Girls’ Swimming and Diving

Video by Jared Leong Today on Slice of Life, we follow the girls’ swimming and diving team on their 2015-2016 season. “We have a lot of swimmers and divers improving a lot. We have a lot of girls who are going to [counties] this year, and we have one girl that made states so far—[sophomore][…]

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Slice of Life Trailer

Video by Jared Leong The Southerner is excited to announce the new web series Slice of Life, created in collaboration with Jared Leong, otherwise known as “Pubstarr” on YouTube. Focusing on clubs, sports teams, and other aspects of student life, Slice of Life is intended to show the regular lives of regular students at Great[…]

Modeling with mousse - Junior Alison Zhao amuses viewers by dressing up classy in a vide from her YouTube channel “ilikealison.”

South Student Becomes YouTube Sensation: Zhao Wins Over World Wide Web With Her Wit

By Lelina Chang Using social media sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Youtube has become the norm for people in the age of technology. However, among the millions of users on the web, it’s not the norm to become “Tumblr-/Insta-/YouTube-famous.” Among South’s students, junior Alison Zhao has become a mini YouTube sensation, currently having over[…]

The Game Show Guru: Evangeline Giannopoulos Jeopardizes Schoolwork for Jeopardy

By Caroline Weinberg “This is—” announcer Johnny Gilbert bellows proudly, “Jeopardy! Please welcome today’s contestants… And our returning champion. A high school student in Great Neck, New York, Evangeline Giannopoulos, whose one-day cash winnings totaled $77,001!” Against a vibrant blue background and the iconic, pulsating theme song, “Think!” Evangeline beams at fans across the nation.[…]

Sabrina Reitman Thrives in a “Nonstop Role”

By Andrew Schneider A Fashion Show participant since sophomore year, senior Sabrina Reitman aspired to be a coordinator. This year she accomplished her goal, leading the production of the event as one of four coordinators. Reitman said the experience was thrilling and exciting. She enjoyed the creativity involved and especially enjoyed working with and getting[…]