Letter to the Editor: Selfish Governing

By Andrew Schneider From the media to staff members of this publication, there is a belief that the government shut down was solely a result of Republican “bullheadedness.” This notion is flat out wrong. The shut down did not result from lack of communication between the Democratic and Republican parties, but rather from political animosity[…]

With Age Comes Responsiblity: Underclassmen on the New Cafeteria Policy

By Andrew T. In my opinion, the new policy has many benefits. When students leave the cafeteria early, they distract classes. If students find the rule that much of a problem, they can simply bring lunch to school and eat in the hallways or outside the library. In addition, if somebody has a real emergency,[…]


Submitted by Alana Farkas, Sophomore Dear Editor, The students of South High School are suffering from severe back pain. It can be dreadful to carry a minimum of five heavy binders to and from school daily. On top of that, carpel tunnel syndrome is becoming even more common among students. We are crying for relief.[…]

Food For Thought

Submitted by Adam Tang, Junior Although the government is aiming to protect students through their new regulations on school lunches, they – in my opinion – are clearly not succeeding. Because it is unpractical to change the mandates of the government, students should come up with more feasible plans to combat the dreadful issue of[…]