The possibilities are endless—Spoons keeps customers coming back for more with all of the swirl-in combinations.  Photo by Dylan Sanders

Seeking Out A Spoonful: New LI Ice Cream Spot

By Casey Sanders Hidden behind the back strip of stores on 3935 Merrick Road in Seaford lies Long Island’s newest sweet spot: Spoons Ice Cream and Cereal Bar. While you can buy intricately flavored ice cream with crazy toppings in many places, this new ice cream store has more to offer. Pinkberry started the cereal-on-yogurt[…]

Concerts, cooking, and classes—Noah Cyrus is just one of the many performers to take part in the Samsung concert series.Photo taken by Rachel Schneider

Samsung @837: Multi-purpose NYC Event Space

By Rachel Schneider Watch out Apple: here comes Samsung breaking new ground with something original and innovative: a multi-purpose New York City flagship store. Titled Samsung 837, the store is located in the Meatpacking District and does almost everything–except sell Samsung phones and technology. This state-of-the-art, building boasts multiple-levels of attractions open to the general[…]

Task timer enhances productivity—The app 30/30 helps you organize your tasks and better manage your workload.

Complete Homework In Half The Time With 30/30

By Elana Amir As you walk quickly down the hallway, maneuvering yourself through the crowd of people waiting at the bottom of the stairwell, you hear snippets of many different conversations. Some students talk about the newest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, many discuss how difficult lacrosse tryouts were yesterday, and others compare answers on the[…]

Not A Doughnut But A Foughnut!

Foughtnut worry, be happy—Foughnuts are equally if not more delicious than regular doughtnuts. Photo by Rachel Schneider Foughnuts? What is a foughnut? These are just two of the many questions that ran through everyone’s mind upon hearing about the new dessert spot that was opening in Great Neck. A foughnut is a dessert that most[…]

Flour Power— Diane’s Bakery has the ability to put a smile on many people’s faces. Not only do the delicious sweets make you feel content, but the amazing staff also fulfills orders accurately and briskly. The pleasant atmosphere of the bakery makes everything worth the stay. Photo by Moeh Hayakawa

Delighted by Diane’s Bakery

Moeh Hayakawa Sure, you can walk over to your neighborhood bakery and order the same generic sweets. The staple danish dessert made by some nameless, nondescript bakery in Manhattan, shipped to your neighborhood to be frozen for weeks. The usual five-layer cake soaked from the defrosted condensation that’s made the cake into a tasteless, insipid[…]


Students Sample Sweets at Brooklyn’s Dessert Goals

By Lauren Reiss Plastic donuts and ice cream cones and a block-long line of people (hungry for both dessert and an Instagram) occupied Dobbin Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn during the last weekend in March. When the people finally made their way inside, balloons that read “Dessert Goals” greeted them. Each guest could snap a quick-pic[…]

Chicken Kothu—a Sri Lankan dish consisting of finely chopping roti with chicken, peppers, and dry spices, is a staple of Sri Lankan cooking and a popular dish at Spicy Lanka. Photo taken by Noah Sheidlower

A Food Tour of Queens

By Noah Sheidlower The United States was built on the premise that people of all backgrounds can coexist within society; however, in the last few month, discrimination, racism, and prejudice have all run rampant. But if you go just a few miles west of Great Neck, America’s initial values can readily be seen. While popular[…]

Peter Lundine gives a moving performance as he projects his lines to the intimate crowd surrounding him.

Laramie Project’s Cycle Delivers Important Message To South Students About Acceptance

By Celine Macura The Orlando shooting this past June at Pulse, a gay nightclub, left 43 dead and 53 injured. For many Americans, it was a heart-wrenching tragedy that highlighted the atrocities of terrorism, but for Theatre South Director Mr. Thomas Marr, it was more than just a hate crime. At the time of the[…]

Lights, Camera, Live-action!—Seniors Mollie Falchook and Lauren Reiss (right to left) saw the new 3D live-action film Beauty and the Beast on opening night, March 16.  Photo reproduced by permission of Lauren Reiss and Mollie Falchook

A Tale as Old as Time is New Again

By Lauren Reiss On the day that the new, live-action, adult-version of Beauty and the Beast (starring Emma Watson as Belle) was finally released to theatres, my best friend texted me, “Wanna go to Beauty and the Beast tonight?! PLEASE.” And I laughed. We are eighteen years old—it didn’t seem age-appropriate to be this excited[…]