Great Neck South Internship Program: A Way to be Productive with your Time

By Hannah Weinberger Tucked away in the downstairs math hall, Ms. Kinsey carefully pairs students with internship programs specific to their interests. These school-credit internships are open to all tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade students. Whether helping others with homework at COPAY or observing veterinarians perform surgeries on puppies, students can gain experience in their[…]

Making sure all is secure—The first things school Security Guard William Lee does every morning is check the video cameras located at various points around the building Photo by Celine Macura

The Badge Behind The Desk: South Welcomes New School Security Guard

By Celine Macura School Security Guard William Lee arrives to school each morning at 7:00 a.m., a time when most students are either still sleeping or just beginning to wake up. He starts his day by reviewing the monitors connected to the video cameras surrounding the building. Lee unlocks the doors and makes his way[…]

Salute to the Statement Skirt—Bernstein displays her Topshop snake skirt, Reformation sweater and Tabitha Simmons booties as a new trend for this winter season.
 Photo reproduced by permission of Danielle Bernstein

WeWonWhat? Former South Student Included In Forbes 30 Under 30

By Casey Sanders Between answering her emails, posting on her blog, going to showroom appointments, and attending events each night, South alumnae Danielle Bernstein, commonly known for her Instagram and blog “WeWoreWhat,” was included in Forbes 30 Under 30: Art and Style. Out of over 6,000 applicants, Bernstein was chosen as one of the top[…]

Dancing to the top—Sophie Hod performs to a neoclassical ballet song “Charge” in at a recital in 2016.
Photo reproduced by permission of Sophie Hod

Student Balances Ballet and Books

By Matthew Portnoy and Hannah Weinberger As the curtains open, junior Sophie Hod, student at the Ballet Academy East (BAE), stands  behind the curtains anxiously awaiting her first solo performance. A million thoughts swirl as she quickly runs through the routine in her head.  As the curtains rise, she reviews the proper arm movement, appropriate[…]

Answering her way to achievement—Senior Lucia Geng correctly answers a Jeopardy! tossup, placing her in the lead. Although she ultimately lost the round by a small margin, Geng’s score was high enough for her to advance to the semifinals.
 Reproduced by permission of Lucia Geng

South Student Tackles the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament

By Noah Sheidlower “This is Jeopardy!” Applause sounds as the three contestants—all high school students—are introduced to the audience. The categories are revealed, ranging from history to pop culture to wordplay. Pulses race and hands shake as the first clue is read from the blue screen. After players respond to more clues (in the form[…]