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South Spotlight: New Year, New Clubs

By Sophia Mao A new school year means taking advantage of new opportunities. From meeting new people to trying new things, joining a club can be a great way to pursue your latent interests. With the addition of four new clubs this year, consider joining

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I Can Show You the World… or South

By Nicole Yip Going to a new school is terrifying—especially when you don’t know anyone. The butterflies in your stomach are ready to burst out, you’re too scared to talk to anyone, and you don’t know where any of your classes are. It is likely

For Fleishman, Chasing Dreams Was a Daily Ritual

By David Wang Sometime last January, Reid Fleishman was watching the clock in his 9th period Chemistry class. It was a wintry afternoon, no different from any other afternoon in the middle of January. As his teacher, Ms. Rubin, explained solubility curves, Reid counted down

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South’s Evolving Views on LGBTQ

By Alexandra Milman  LGBTQ people have, undoubtedly, faced the greatest change out of any minority group. The pride movement has started only in the 1960s in the US, yet 67% of the US now supports gay marriage. To put that into perspective, the women’s rights

Five Steps for a Sick Day at Home

By Jake Raphael Even though teachers may believe that a Friday absence means a weekend in Paris or that a Monday absence means skipping a test, sometimes students may actually be sick. Having missed prolonged periods of time due to illness throughout my years at

The Rich History of South’s Estate

By Nate Cohen How did Great Neck South become Great Neck South? While to many students this question sounds silly, it is an important one to examine. During the rush and bustle of school, it can feel like Great Neck South has always been here

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Ethan Wang Named Regeneron Scholar

By David Wang Ethan Wang is no stranger to cancer. When his great-aunt battled colon (colorectal) cancer, he remembered how horrifying the experience was—needing to buy expensive medicines from foreign countries, watching hair fall out, and seeing a bedridden loved one suffer, drained of energy.

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South Speaks: Is There Sexism at South?

“I believe that I’m very fortunate to attend GNS in that this school is one that does not refrain from discussion regarding subjects of sexism and racism. Explicit sexism is rare (at least among my social circles), and though I may not be the best

Turning Up the Political Discussion

By Jolie Lenga Turning Point USA (TPUSA) is a new club offered here at South. TPUSA is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 whose mission is to “identify, educate, and organize students to promote the principles of freedom and limited government,” explained Ms. Schwartz, the

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The Club That’s Going Down in History

By Nicole Yip The familiar sound of Kahoot music and bursts of excitement echo through the hall. If you look into room 431 on Wednesdays after school you’ll find the History Day Club working on their projects for the National History Day competition or students