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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Why Trivia Isn’t Trivial

By Noah Sheidlower If you add the letter “L” to the end of the word trivia, what do you get? Trivial. By placing one letter at the end of a word connoting a realm of knowledge, the result is a word signifying something of little

Fashion Show Takeover 2019

By Rachel Tair On January 5, the many students who spent countless hours perfecting outfits and dances put on the highly anticipated Fashion Show. Consisting of four main skits, two mini skits, and modelling between each dance, Fashion Show caters to a variety of talents

Diving the Competition Crazy

By Sara Jhong For many high school students, much of life consists of the sensation that comes with trying new experiences and stepping out of their comfort zone to try new things. But for Sydney Izakson, a junior diver on the varsity swim and dive

Brothers By Chance, Teammates By Choice

By Aryaman Bahri When it is so dark that you cannot even see the basket at Wyngate Park, youcan still find Elan and David Sabzehroo, a freshman and a junior, practicing handles and shooting three-pointers. The sound of the ball swishing through the net echoes

The Magnificent Magic of Almost, Maine

By Joyce Ann Lee As the northern lights shimmer in the star-filled sky, the residents of Almost, Maine, a small town near the U.S.-Canadian border, find themselves falling in and out of love in unexpected, unusual, and hilarious ways. Hearts are broken and fixed—almost—in this

Dear Teachers, Your Words are no Laughing Matter

Envision the following scenario. You’re sitting in your seventh period class, and the teacher is explaining a concept. You’re following along fairly well, taking notes and making occasional eye contact with the teacher. Then she asks a question. And she calls on you. While you

The Newest Additions to the Cafeteria Menu

By Casey Choung At first glance, the cafeteria seems to be going about its business normally. Some students are complaining about their latest test grades, others are looking at the news on their phones. But something seems amiss. In the corner of the cafeteria, a

ExteNet Makes its Mark on Great Neck

By Nate Cohen It’s the night of October 16th. A crowd of Lake Success residents are gathered together at the Lake Success Village Hall anticipating the start of a hearing on the potential installation of new antennas to improve cell coverage. Much of the room

College Education: Is the Price Really Right?

PRO by David Wang There’s no doubt that, in recent years, the financial cost of simply attending a higher-education institution in the United States has gone up drastically. Every year, a growing percentage of graduating classes are faced with the dilemma of wanting to go