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Monthly Archives: May 2019

“Strayers from the Path of Echoes and Outsiders”

By Alexandra Milman Colossal, colorful, and corrupt gods and an antisocial boy unaware of his incredible fate—this  story takes place on planet Isekai where a war between two kingdoms over the power to give spirits (including the gods, themselves) a physical form is killing thousands.

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South’s Evolving Views on LGBTQ

By Alexandra Milman  LGBTQ people have, undoubtedly, faced the greatest change out of any minority group. The pride movement has started only in the 1960s in the US, yet 67% of the US now supports gay marriage. To put that into perspective, the women’s rights

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Board Games for When You’re Bored Out of Your Mind

By Danielle Gruber With the advent of social media and technology, interaction via mediums other than screens has become somewhat of a rarity. Walking the high school hallways, you will find the best of friends demonstrating their telepathic communication abilities as they walk side by