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With a staff of about 40 students, The Southerner publishes a print issue each month and updates its website each week. The publication was named Columbia Scholastic Press Association Silver Medalist in 2011 and Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Medalist in 2012 and 2014.



Lori Cresci, Faculty Advisor
Jennifer Hastings, Faculty Advisor
Michael Moran, Faculty Advisor

Editorial Board

Haley Raphael


Haley Raphael is so excited to be Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper this year. When she isn’t in the office, she is probably studying or watching Netflix. Her favorite topic to write about is school policies.


Amanda Shen


Originally someone who joined the journalism class on a whim, Amanda didn’t expect to be as immersed in the newspaper as she is now. She is extremely excited to spend her senior year on the paper working with her co Editor-in-Chief, the rest of the staff, and the advisors to increase student readership of and interest in the paper. She hopes to facilitate a better link between web and print. Other than The Southerner, she enjoys planning class events such as Rebel War and prom, going to art museums (take art history, you won’t regret it!), making fun of Haley for being unable to capitalize words correctly, and playing with her corgi Henry.


Jessica Boico

Print Manager

Jessica Boico is a senior and has been a part of The Southerner for three years. When she isn’t writing or editing, she can be found organizing an event for GNS Key Club, volunteering at her temple, or babysitting! Her favorite thing to do in her free time is watch the NY Rangers play hockey. She is excited to be a co-Print Managing Editor this year and continue her work on The Southerner!


Elizabeth Smith

Print Manager

Elizabeth Smith is a senior and a Print Managing Editor for The Southerner. She was section editor of the Features section in 11th grade and a staff writer in 9th and 10th grade. Her other extracurricular activities include Key Club, Student Government, and DECA. If she is not doing one of these activities, you can probably find her eating chocolate. She is so excited to work on The Southerner this year!


Bella Harnick

Web Editor-in-Chief

Bella Harnick is so excited to be Editor-in-Chief of The Southerner Online! In this position, she manages the web team, writes articles for the online edition, and posts print articles online for wide distribution! Bella loves the freedom that this platform gives her and other writers to write for different sections on any topic of interest! Bella looks forward to the year ahead!


Lauren Reiss

Web Editor-in-Chief

Lauren Reiss joined the Southerner in her freshman year and now proudly serves as the Southerner’s first ever Web-Editor-in-Chief alongside Bella Harnick! She loves writing for the web because she enjoys the freedom to explore almost anything she is interested in (which is a lot of things!). Outside the world of the Southerner, she pursues photojournalism, poetry, and TV production.


Sammy Greben

Senior Web Team

Sammy Greben is currently a senior at Great Neck South High School. She has been working on The Southerner Online since her Freshman year, and this year her position is Senior Web Editor. She works on uploading articles and graphics to The Southerner Online website and frequently write articles of any topic for the print or web as well. Outside of this club, she plays three varsity sports: soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. She is also involved in Midnight Run and the Girls Varsity Club. Sammy encourages everyone to get involved in these awesome clubs because she truly believes that taking part in activities outside of the classroom allows students to branch out and meet students of all ages and backgrounds, while also learning important life skills such as commitment, communication, and teamwork.


Ashley Koo

Senior Web Team

Ashley Koo is a member of Southerner’s Senior Web Team and has been working on the Southerner for 3 years. She was an assistant editor for News in sophomore year and an Op- Ed editor in junior year. She is absolutely obsessed with the TV show Friends and loves playing field hockey and baking in her free time!


Parker Spector Salwen

Senior Web Team

Parker Spector-Salwen is a short, blonde senior who you’ve probably bumped into in the halls. She participates in lots of clubs: Robotics, DECA, Student Government, Tennis, and The Southerner. Her favorite foods are anything she isn’t allergic to and her favorite activity is sleeping. Parker is very active in our school, so if you don’t find her in The Southerner office, she’s probably on stage preparing for Fashion Show.


General Staff


Cara Becker, Section Editor
Celine Macura, Section Editor
Sehyun Chung, Assistant Editor


Lynne Xie, Section Editor
Annie Zhang, Section Editor
Elana Amir, Assistant Editor
Elina Malamed, Assistant Editor


Matthew Portnoy, Section Editor
Hannah Weinberger, Section Editor
Noah Sheidlower, Assistant Editor
Sydney Zheng, Assistant Editor


Aren Kalash, Section Editor
Casey Sanders, Assistant Editor
Moeh Hayakawa, Assistant Editor


Adam Bernstein, Section Editor
Gabe Lefkowitz, Section Editor
Jake Raphael, Assistant Editor
Michael Zhang, Assistant Editor

Special Features

Melody Kang, Section Editor
Rachel Schneider, Section Editor
Angelina Wang, Section Editor
Sharon Lam, Assistant Editor


Melody Kang
Angelina Wang
Melody Yang

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