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Local Elections 2017: How the Result Can Affect You

By Cara Becker Off-year elections occur in odd-numbered years in which there is no presidential or midterm election. The general election took place on November 7th, 2017, the first Tuesday of the month. and positions up for election were County Executive, Comptroller, and Legislator. The

“Girls Who Code”: Changing the Face of Coding

By Elina Malamed In a world where the internet influences decisions ranging from purchases to politics, the demand for learning code is increasing. According to the National Science Foundation, females make up only 29% of the STEM field, so “Girls Who Code” made it their

Meet These New Clubs at South

by Noah Shieldlower Club: Forensics: CSI Club Founders: Michael Sun and Kimberly Lu Advisor: Mrs. Brighton Meeting Day: Every other Friday Afternoon “The purpose of the Forensics: CSI Club is to expose students to the fascinating field of forensic science and to help them develop

Once a Rebel, Always a Rebel: Dr. Gitz Returns To South

By Elana Amir and Sehyun Chung Though many high school students are excited to exit their high school’s door upon graduating and never look back, this was not the case for Dr. Christopher Gitz. Now, twenty-seven years after graduating from South, Dr. Gitz has returned

A Tribute to Ms.Elliott: South’s Head Rebel

By Casey Sanders As students leave through the main doors at the end of each day, they have become accustomed to Ms. Elliott smiling and waving as she sends them off. But students must soon get used to a new face waving them goodbye at

Students Named Semi-Finalists In Regeneron Competition

By Cara Becker Over the summer, high school students flock to professional labs to collect data. One way their success is measured is by advancing in the Regeneron Science Talent Search competition, the nation’s oldest science and math competition for high school seniors. Science research

Walk on Washington: Human Rights Are Not Up For Grabs

By Amanda Shen Less than 24 hours after President Trump assumed office, the streets of the nation’s capital turned pink. Protesters—many adorned in pink handknit “pussy hats”—flew from across the nation to participate in the Women’s March on Washington DC. Touting vibrant, politically charged signs,