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A farewell to retiring staff members: Dr. Thomas Ganes

by Robin Shum Wearing a bright orange shirt, he pushes a handcart stacked with three cardboard boxes, enclosing the sacred AP tests. Almost immediately, the crowd of students parts to make way for him. It’s Dr. Thomas Ganes, head of South’s guidance department, and this

A farewell to retiring staff members: Mr. Paul Bott

by Caroline Hong In his nineteen years at South High, Mr. Paul Bott has seen South High through three superintendents, taught three different science classes, and witnessed the school’s change. As he nears the end of his time at South, Mr. Bott recalls his return

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Zussman Sees Success As Research Competition Finalist

By Robin Shum During the awards ceremony, all the Siemens finalists stood on a wide stage, anxiously awaiting their results. As the anticipation hung in the air, a moment of shared understanding passed between each student. “We had each other’s backs. We all recognized that

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Teachers Turn To Turnitin For Work Evaluation

By Ann Zhang Familiar words: Times New Roman, 12-point font, and double-spacing. Thesis, analysis, citations. Most importantly, research, paper, and season. Many students dread the annual research paper on top of all their other obligations, but students nearly two decades ago survived the research paper

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Taking Steps Towards Student Wi-Fi

By Jessalyn Li Over the past four years, Student Government has been working to accomplish two major goals: student e-mails and looser internet filters. In conjunction to these two technological aims, Student Government is working currently on another objective, student Wi-Fi. The addition of student

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Folding Paper Cranes To Ease The Pain

By Ashley Koo What does it take to get a cancer patient to smile? A thousand paper cranes. This year, the Art Club is working on a project for a small organization called “Cranes For Cancer” that connects donors to cancer patients in a unique

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Ebola Explained

By Alana Farkas Thirty-three years ago, when the first report of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) appeared in the United States, the number of people infected with the virus was countable. By the end of 1981, five to six new people contracted the virus each week.