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Romaine Calm, Zen Garden is Open

By Rachel Tair Strolling down Middle Neck Road, you are  greeted by numerous restaurants, cafes, and dessert bars. While there are unique establishments  specializing in cuisines such as Chinese and Peruvian, up until late January, Great Neck was missing one thing: a vegan restaurant. Veganism,

T-Swirl: Bringing a New Spin on Crepes

By Jenny Ye In early December, a buzz started around town when the lights of a restaurant that had been preparing to open for over two years finally turned on. Rumors flew of a cashier seen working behind the counter, and eager locals planned on

Greek Xpress: Fast and Delicious

By Nicole Yip With the pressure that kids today are under, it is no surprise that their schedules are completely packed. Between balancing studying for tests, maintaining a social life, and doing endless amounts of homework, students barley even have time to eat—let alone wait