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T-Swirl: Bringing a New Spin on Crepes

By Jenny Ye In early December, a buzz started around town when the lights of a restaurant that had been preparing to open for over two years finally turned on. Rumors flew of a cashier seen working behind the counter, and eager locals planned on

Going Gaga for the New A Star Is Born

By Derek Delson It’s a tale as old as time. A Star Is Born is a story embedded in the history of cinema with four different versions made in the last 80 years. The tale is simple: A weathered alcoholic celebrity discovers a new talent,

Greek Xpress: Fast and Delicious

By Nicole Yip With the pressure that kids today are under, it is no surprise that their schedules are completely packed. Between balancing studying for tests, maintaining a social life, and doing endless amounts of homework, students barley even have time to eat—let alone wait

Love, Simon Shows that Love Always Finds a Way

By Michael Zhang A trend in recent years of profound, amazingly-produced LGBTQ-themed romance films such as Moonlight and Call Me By Your Name has touched a wide variety of audiences and won countless awards. However, the U.S. has yet to have a high-grossing major studio

Delighted by Diane’s Bakery

Moeh Hayakawa Sure, you can walk over to your neighborhood bakery and order the same generic sweets. The staple danish dessert made by some nameless, nondescript bakery in Manhattan, shipped to your neighborhood to be frozen for weeks. The usual five-layer cake soaked from the