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‘Make Your Move’: Columnist Reflects on Fashion Show

Senior Kevin Miranda reflects on his Fashion Show experience. Photo taken by Alexa Davis.

By Kevin Miranda

Fashion Show? Why not? I’m a Senior.

Now rewind two years. Fashion Show? No way.

Looking back, now that the event and countless practices are over, I can say that Fashion Show has been one of my most defining high school experiences. It is easy to fall into a routine at school—sitting through classes, attending  sports practices and club meetings, going home and doing homework. But how often do you actually take a risk?

In tenth and eleventh grade, participating in Fashion Show did not even cross my mind. People always say change is good, but it is rarely something people want. I didn’t— I would have rather come home to watch Friends reruns at 4 o’clock on TBS.

However, as Joel from Risky Business wisely says, “Sometimes you just gotta say, ‘what the f***, make your move.’” Fashion Show could be your move!

It certainly was a risk for me: I had never actually performed on a stage, danced, or worn revealing clothing before. Actually, the guys did not have to do that last part.

Fashion Show does not just become an after school activity— it becomes a commitment for a few months, a fun one. If you stick it out until the end, you will find that compared to other cast members, you actually do suck at dancing. No, actually, that only applied to me. You will find that you can dance and that you have ideas. You can contribute to your skit— whether it is choosing stage formations or deciding if you want to crump for one of your songs.

You can create your own role. Fashion Show is what you make of it. If you’re the type of person who can pick the songs and make a mix, do it. If you are able to make up dance moves, go for it. You might have to schedule some practices yourself, and others will be scheduled for you. Yes, you do have to put in time and attend, but the rewards are there.

Not only will you become closer with people you already know, you will also build a sense of camaraderie with people you are meeting for the first time. As you grow older, you form smaller and smaller groups, but Fashion Show is the forum to do exactly the opposite.

As that date in January comes closer, you also begin to realize how amazing the show really is. Everyone is doing their own cool little skit, and it adds up. Throw in the opening and finale, and you’re officially a part of a creative production. You are a cast member and you feel proud to have your name on the back of the cast t-shirt.

After the show is over, you actually miss “hell week” and regular practices. Every cast member suffers Fashion Show withdrawal. When you walk through the hallways, you have that Inception moment with fellow cast members— that moment at the end of the movie when each character glances at the others at the airport, knowing they just did something incredible. Except you put on a show!

While this “give it a try” column is mainly for juniors, underclassmen should think of Fashion Show as well; however, the “why not” attitude should not be your mindset. Do it because even though you may be busy, you can become a leader in Fashion Show.  Do it not just because it’s a fun activity, but because it is a time for growth.

I hope you give Fashion Show a shot and put your own creativity into it.

Shout out to the 2012 cast and advisors: Oh nahhh…

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