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South’s Annual Charity Volleyball Tournament

The annual Charity Volleyball Tournament, lasting from Nov. 12 to Nov. 13, launches to a start with a serve. Pictured above is sophomore Asia Zhang as she prepares the serve that will begin her game.
Sophomore Ryan Shum moves to bump the incoming volleyball.
From left to right, sophomore Michelle Xing, sophomore Yuhan Liu, and sophomore Asia Zhang.
Senior Alexandra Lee rushes to receive the ball.
From left to right, freshman Kenny Hsieh, sophomore Anthony Xiang, freshman Sharon Lam, and sophomore Michelle Xing.
From left to right, sophomore Jeffrey Lo , junior Nelson Bai, sophomore Janice Hong, and sophomore Megha Reddy.
Sophomore Derek Lin leaps to tip the volleyball over the net as sophomore Annie Zhang looks on.
From left to right, sophomores Gina Lee and Grace Jiang wear ties while sophomore Richard Song wears a dress. It has become a custom for each volleyball team to dress according to a self-created theme for the tournament.
Senior Katia Altern (far left) and senior Justin Roth's (second from right) teams compete against each other in the 4-on-4 Charity Volleyball Tournament.
On the left, sophomores Anthony Xiang, Asia Zhang, Michelle Xing, and Daniel Kim face off against seniors Emily Cheung, Samantha Chu, Bryant Lum, and Matthew Lee.
Senior Aimee Koo positions herself to receive an incoming ball from the opposing team.
From left to right, juniors Shaminta Hamidian and Ernest Fok prepare for the ball to come over the net.
During their time off the court, spectators from other teams watch players like senior Kim Mishra compete.
Junior Max Hsiao leaps forward to spike the volleyball back over the net.
The Volleyball Charity Tournament is called a tournament, but competition isn't the main focus of the event. From left to right, sophomores Marisa Menist, Evan Chaleff, and Julia Kelly enjoy a lighthearted moment on the court.
From left to right, sophomores Hannah Chang and Angelina Liu discuss tactics for their next play.
On the sidelines, senior Sabrina Woo, junior Amanda Shen, and senior Joseph Mo watch a volleyball game with amusement.
From left to right, sophomore Asia Zhang and Daniel Kim. Kim bumps the ball back over the net.
From left to right, senior Nicole Gany, senior Luke Hoffman, business teacher Ms. Sheryl Burger, and senior Jack Sherman.
From left to right, eventual tournament champions sophomore Janice Hong, freshman Brittney Choi, science teacher Mr. Andrew Tuomey, sophomore Megha Reddy, and junior Nelson Bai came out on top in their pool.
From left to right, freshman Amanda Miao, freshman Stephanie Cheung , freshman Annie Dai, sophomore Ryan Shum, and sophomore Chris Park.
From left to right, sophomore Yuhan Liu, freshman Emily Cheng, freshman Michelle Zheng, and sophomore David Yao.
From left to right, juniors Brandon Hernandez, Natali Avshalomova, Kristen Renta, and Jorey Garcia.
From left to right, sophomores Cindy Wang, Daniel Kim, Asia Zhang, Anthony Xiang, and Michelle Xing celebrate their victory as pool champions as they move on to the final round of games to determine the tournament winners.
From left to right, sophomore Megha Reddy, junior Nelson Bai, freshman Brittney Choi, science teacher Mr. Andrew Tuomey, and sophomore Janice Hong are the last team left standing on the final day of the Charity Volleyball Tournament. Sophomore Sheldon Henry photobombs in the background.
Photos taken by Annie Park and Emma Lu
Captions written by Annie Yang and Michelle Yang

On Nov. 12 and Nov. 13, the Girls Varsity Club held its annual 4-on-4 Charity Volleyball Tournament in which teams of students and teachers competed against each other in the name of fundraising. One hundred percent of the money raised was donated to multiple sclerosis research. Sophomore Janice Hong, sophomore Megha Reddy, junior Nelson Bai, and science teacher Mr. Andrew Tuomey were the eventual winners of the tournament.

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