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Fashion Show 2015-2016

From left to right, coordinators of this year's Fashion Show seniors Sydney Someck, Rebecca Rojas, Elizabeth Voigt, and Kimberly Mishra introduce this year's show. 
Seniors Sabrina Woo (left) and Samantha Ng (right) sing a mashup of three Rihanna songs—"Dancing in the Dark," "Monster," and "Diamonds"—as part of their performance in the Fashion Show. 
Sophomore Mansi Shah, modelling for the Acrobat skit, strikes a pose under the bright lights at the end of the catwalk.
Seniors Sydney Someck (left) and Emily Bae (right) pump their arms to the pulse of the music. The two are a part of the Magic Skit that Someck led.

From left to right, seniors Kimberly Mishra and Annabelle Golden twirl their golden ribbons as part of the Acrobat skit that Mishra led. 

From left to right, seniors Lance Kim, Brian Klig, and Mark Maultasch carry Hanna Zaretsky. The four were the emcees for the night, cracking jokes, announcing peoples' outfits as they walked down the catwalk, as well as creating a video for the show.
Sophomore Emily Hsu saunters down the catwalk.
From left to right, seniors Hallie Liman, Emily Blank, Rebecca Rojas, and juniors Julia Lopez, and sophomores Zahra Keshwani and Hannah Weinberger dance in leopard printed tops to match the theme of their skit, the Animal skit. The dance was choreographed by Rojas.
Coordinators Elizabeth Voigt (left) and Kimberly Mishra (right) present senior Gabriella Wong with a bouquet. Wong designed four dresses, which were worn by each of the four coordinators. Inspired by the theme of this year's Fashion Show, Wong's dresses each corresponded to an act in a circus. She designed a dress representing a clown (worn by Voigt on left), an acrobat (worn by Mishra on right), a magician (not pictured below), and an animal tamer (not pictured below).
From left to right, junior Julia Lopez and senior Vanna Qing dance as part of the Mime skit, a unique segment of Fashion Show in which each girl of the all-girls' group created a part of the choreograph for the dance.
Outstretched hands wait for senior Daniel Daskal when he reaches the end of the catwalk during his modelling for the Senior Walk.
From left to right, seniors Daniel Martini and Joelle Cruz stride down the catwalk together, modelling for the Senior Walk.
As a part of the walk that takes place after the Magic dance, from left to right, junior Briani Alexis and sophomore Dylan Sanders and Alicia Kaczor pose and flourish their wands, which correspond to the magic theme of the walk.
Senior Muskaan Thukral dances in the Clown skit, which coordinator Voigt led.
Confetti rains down as Fashion Show comes to a close. From left to right, senior Emily Blank, junior Caterina DePaulis, and senior Rasul Rahman leap up with raised arms in elation along with the other performers on stage.
Photos taken by Emma Lu
Captions written by Michelle Yang

Jan. 9 was not your typical school Saturday. By 8:00 PM, the school auditorium was teeming with people, and by 8:30, South’s stage dimmed as this year’s Fashion Show began. Coordinated by seniors Kimberly Mishra, Rebecca Rojas, Sydney Someck, and Elizabeth Voigt, Fashion Show has always been created around an overarching theme, and this year, the theme was the Circus. As such, many of the skits and dances alluded to the Circus theme, inspiring the Magic, the Clown, the Acrobat, and the Animal Tamer skits. In addition to the dances were the walks, featuring sophomores, juniors, and seniors strutting down the catwalk under the luminous lights.

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